Ribhu Dasgupta and Parineeti Chopra give their two cents on OTT censorship

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Ribhu Dasgupta and Parineeti Chopra give their two cents on OTT censorship

After the 'Tandav' and Mirzapur row, the government has also started to take notice of OTT platforms and the type of content that they have in their library. As director Ribhu Dasgupta and actress Parineeti Chopra attended a press conference on Sunday regarding the release of their film 'The Girl on the Train' on the streaming giant Netflix on 26 February, the duo were also asked about the recent announcement of having censorship over OTT platforms and their opinions on it. 

Chopra spoke on the topic regarding the fun that OTT platforms provide to the audience in the form of entertainment, "The content that OTT platforms serve the audience is very fun and entertaining with diverse characters being written (for films and series). In (theatrical) cinema, it is somewhat restricted because it is meant for community viewing, with families and kids. On OTT, we can select what we watch, where we watch and who we watch the film with. So then the content can be gutsy", she further added, "I hope that it remains like this. Sure, censorship should come but I hope the fun that comes with watching OTT content does no go away." 

The director also opined on the topic saying, "While the government of India is figuring out how the censorship should be or should not be applied to OTT content, I am sure that there are experts at the ministry who will take decisions regarding this. Anywho I feel that because of the accessibility of the internet, everything and anything under the sun can be watched on the web. So, if anything needs to be curbed, then there shouldn't be censorship but a rating system so that people know which content is suited for which age group. If a sort of rating system is applied, then artists, makers, writers will not have their creative freedom restricted. There needs to be a middle ground and I think it is in the process of finding that middle ground. I hope that everything gets solved in a few months." 

The actress also spoke about how working on 'The Girl on the Train' changed the way she looks at scripts as she has become more careful and thoughtful when it comes to choosing them or even when enacting a character. Speaking about how in the past she was an academically good student, she answered a question that referred to a fear of missing trains to which she replied that she has never dreamt of such a thing. Chopra also mentioned how in her past when riding trains in London when going to look for a job, she had never imagined her life would turn out to be like this, where she would be sitting in a train car, with no train pass, and a camera taking a close up shot of her face. The upcoming Netflix thriller will be releasing on the platform on 26 February. 

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