RK Nagar review: Mostly predictable, bland, boring crime drama

RK Nagar review: Mostly predictable, bland, boring crime drama
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Things look up for a Chennai man struggling to make ends meet when he falls for a politician's daughter until he gets entangled in a murder case

Format: Film
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance

Centred on two rival gangs who are always at loggerheads for power, the story is centred on Shankar (Vaibhav), a small-time tailor who gets framed for the murder of the son of a local minister and how he goes on to prove who was really behind the crime. The film also features a subplot about a group of school-going youngsters who’ve been secretly committing bigger crimes.

RK Nagar is a very lousy film and there’s no other way, to put it mildly. It takes all the done-to-death tropes of mainstream Tamil cinema and uses it in the most unexciting way to put together a crime drama that reeks of predictable scenes and boring twists. The film has been lying in the cans for over two years and even it had released back then, it wouldn’t have made much difference because it’s so bad.

The sub-plot about delinquent crimes had some potential. It could have easily turned the film into a dark thriller and could’ve ended up as a companion piece to Karthi’s Naan Mahan Alla; however, it loses steam in the larger scheme of things. By keeping the focus on the rivalry of two local gangs and on Vaibhav’s silly romantic track, the film doesn’t do the kind of justice the interesting core idea about school children with a dark side.

Vaibhav has played these kinds of characters so many times that one could literally close their eyes and guess his expressions. He’s barely watchable and such roles are an insult to his very limited acting potential. Sampath, who was rage a few years ago with some very interesting characters, is reduced to a local rowdy with hardly any scope to perform. It’s disappointing to see him take up such roles that never unleash his full potential.

If only the sub-plot was effectively fleshed out, the film would’ve worked to some extent and not gone down as a mega bore.

How about a decent story to start with? The film isn’t even engaging for a minute and makes for an excruciating watch.

Did I like it?
No. I won’t recommend it.

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