Roulette Review

An avoidable short, with an inconsistent storyline

Rony Patra -

Roulette Review

What is the story about?

A mysterious man plays a dangerous game of roulette with a young hostage suspected of murdering a girl.


There isn’t much to analyse in a 13-minute short film that hardly strays from the one-sentence logline mentioned above. As the mystery man plays his dangerous game, he keeps interrogating the frazzled young man as to how he met the girl, how they got close and how he killed her. Even as the story progresses, you can sense your own patience wearing thin. The final twists to this short film feel forcibly tacked on, as if the makers ran out of ideas on how to close this already-jumbled film. The flashback sequences are also just an excuse to show off the beauty of the young girl, whose life is brutally cut short later. This is a bad experience on all counts.


Actor-producer Indranil Dey is very inconsistent in his performance as the young man accused of murder, while Debipriya Sarkar appears in the flashback sequences as the deceased girl Shreya. Ultimately, it falls to Rahul Arunoday Banerjee to rescue this short somewhat, and he does that by giving his roulette-loving character an air of menacing swagger.

Music & Other Departments

Pramit Das's camerawork has some stylistic flourishes, but the ambient lighting makes this look like a really low-budget short film.




Pretty much the entire short, and especially that shoddy climax.

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Do I recommend it?

Addatimes has much better stuff to watch. Stay away from this short.

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