RRR and Aadai Technicians request to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Jeya Suriya -

RRR and Aadai Technicians request to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Multiple Audios and Videos are made into a commodity called Cinema by collaborative work and processes of multiple departments. Few departments like composting, rotor and many other important departments are not even brought into the spotlight. Two well-known fields to everyone - Cinematography and DI follow a process called "Print Check". After their film is ready, both the DOP and DI Colorist work together in the Digital Intermediate of the film, so that the film gets better in visual quality. After they complete the process, they visit and check the copies in multiple movie halls to check the quality on-screen. This particular process is called Print Check and all the big-budget films pay their crew to do this.
Now, cinema has evolved from multiplexes to OTTs. Half a Decade back no one would have believed that there would be a star film like Ponmagal Vandhal releasing in OTT straight without theatres. In the next 5 Years, the Online Streaming Platforms are going to reverberate even louder. In this condition, we randomly noticed a tweet from a thriving DI Colorist Mr Balaji Gopinath who has worked in critically acclaimed flicks like Super Deluxe, Aadai and Kadaisi Vivasayi. His tweet read, "OTT Platforms like @netflix, @PrimeVideoIN, @DisneyPlusHS, @ZeeTamil should get approval for visual / sound QC from filmmakers (like what we use for theatrical) before making it public. There are a lot of variations in Hue shift and Saturation from what we give and what we saw on TV."


So, we got in touch with him to get to know more details on this. On speaking to LetsOTT Mr Balaji said, "For films which release in theatre, the whole crew including the director will check the essence and quality, but with the case of OTTs, everything is proceeding in the cloud. Before it is open to people, there's no choice for any of us to inspect and check the product. So, it's better if the streaming websites have an approval system or process where all the technical team can watch the film before it goes public." Also when we asked him if there's a major change from the output you deliver, he responded saying, "Yes, there is a very big change from the output we deliver to what you see in OTT. I and Aadai's DOP have already tweeted about this concern earlier."
Also, to have better clarity in this we got in touch with another colourist Mr.Shiva who has worked earlier in both the versions of Baahubali and is also right now working in SS Rajamouli's RRR. He also appealed, "We definitely need a private viewing option before it is open to watch for the Public. Today, we have multiple streaming portals and every one of them has their own pipeline. Due to the different pipeline system which is unavoidable, there is undoubtedly quality loss. Recent Example is the Web Series Loser. I worked on it and when I watched the show on my phone, the picture is so sharp. Whereas in TV the saturation levels were very less. I checked out the web series in multiple devices but none of the devices streamed the output we delivered. The quality what we deliver is completely different from the quality we see. For the theatrical releases, we will be having a separate show in private theatres to amend these kinds of corrections. So it is very essential for all of us to have a private viewing option to make the 11th-hour improvements. If this option of private viewing is given, we will be able to correct all minor mistakes and improve the quality of the film."
With the rise of OTTs in India, the technicians feel that the streaming portals should provide a private viewing option to improve the quality of the creative products. Will the OTTs accept the request of the technicians? We will have to wait from the streaming giants for an official update on this.

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