Run Review

A not-so-great thriller that is watchable because of its effective ambience building!

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Run Review
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Searching director Aneesh Chaganty is back with his new film Run, which is a direct OTT release on Hulu. The film hit the platform on the 20th of November.

What is the story about?

Run is basically the story between a mother and her daughter. As the home-schooled daughter gets past her adolescent age, she starts to uncover dirty truths inside the house and begins suspecting that something is wrong with her mother and the way she behaves with her.


One thing that Run gets right is the way in which it builds the tension between the two lead characters in the film, and maintains the tempo for the entirety of the runtime. With both the characters having a creepy and mysterious shade to them, it becomes easier for the tension to set in early into the film, as we are led through the series of events and the reveals one by one. Aneesh Chaganty might not have broken barriers with his writing like his debut venture, but what he does here is to pull our attention with some crackling sequences involving the duo. Aneesh sets up the stage very nicely and leads us to a deservingly interesting climax sequence, even though there is an element of predictability in his story. Run is quite intriguing, but the problem that it has is the deja-vu factor which starts setting in as this genre has already found its foot through many earlier outings.


Sarah Paulson is excellent as the mysterious mother who has a lot of things hidden in her mind and behaves in a peculiar manner. The film is set in motion with her theatrical act, that is well supported by the breakout star Kiera Allen. Both the actors deliver earnest, laudable performances to the film and keep us engaged for most parts. Apart from them, the supporting cast has only a handful of actors who come and go.

Music & Other Departments

The score, editing and the cinematography of Run is top-notch and deserves a mention on every page. It is the technicality that aids the film in full.


Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen pin down our interest with their superb performances.


The film follows the usual route with respect to its sub-plots, especially in the latter half.

Did I enjoy it?

To an extent, yes. I have issues with it but it was engaging for the runtime of 90 minutes.

Do I recommend it?

You can go ahead and watch this if you want to kill an hour and a half of your time and not complain about the negatives.

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