Sabka Sai (2021) Review

A series that rates high on intentions and faith

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Sabka Sai (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Sai Baba, the mystic saint of India, had a life shrouded in mystery and the series tries to throw light on the life and times of him. 


Every movie or series on Sai Baba, brings us closer to the spiritual being that was Sai Baba. There have been several movies and series in the past being made on the life of Sai Baba, and this series has done the same. This series chronicles Sai Baba's since his birth to his final days. His teenage days, his involvement with India's freedom struggle and the plague epidemic are all depicted in the series. Be it his views on widow remarriage or loving people of all religions, Sabka Sai tries it hands in showing a different side to Sai Baba. Starring Raj Arjun in the titular role, the 10 episode mythology series is directed by Ajit Bhairavkar.


Raj Arjun who plays the titular role of Sai Baba has played the role of the saint quite accurately. The series also stars Gulki Joshi, Mohammad Samad, Aakash Sinha, Manoj Kolhatkar and others in pivotal roles who have played their parts well. 

Music & Other Departments

The show rates low on CGI which wasn't on par. This kind of ruins the entire watching experience of a mythological series. The music is fine, just that the series could have been edited well. 


Watch the series for getting an insight into the life of Sai Baba.


The series tends to slow between episodes 4 and 7. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, I wish they could have used better CGI though. 

Do I recommend it?

Watch it if you like mythological series. 

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