Sambbavtaha Review: Compelling and Gritty

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Sambbavtaha Review: Compelling and Gritty
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A farmer becomes a mutineer in order to save his beloved farmland from becoming a concrete jungle.

Format: Short Film
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: All Ages (U/A)
Genres:  Short Film
Language: Marathi
Digital Premiere Date: 25 May 2020

What is it about? 

Vinoba, a farmer decides to turn rebellious and take matters into his own hands and decides to turn the tables on the government officials when they try to buy him and his land and turn it into a highway. 
Director Gaurav Madan who won several awards for this short film tries to tell the story of a farmer who decides to fight the system. As we all know, farmers since the past few years, have been facing tremendous problems in the country be it due to famines or debts. Many farmers have committed suicide prompting the government into re-thinking several of their policy decisions and development models. Sambhavtaha, too tells the story of one such farmer, Vinobha who also when faced with a dire situation has no option but to turn rebellious and take matters into his own hands. Vinobha, who takes the sickle in his hands and tries to kill one official while making the other two fight comes across as an earnest man. However, the film exudes depth and grit and the treatment of the plight of farmers comes across as very realistic. Peepli Live, which also was based on farmer suicides had a satirical take, yet it is Sambhavtaha who puts the finger on the problem. From the trailer, it did seem compelling enough and as the film unfolds you realise it is keeping you at the edge of your seat. One has to marvel at the way Gaurav Madan handled a sensitive topic with such finesse and condensed it into a 22-minute film.
In a 22 minute film, it is difficult to gauge into the acting, but Devendra Gaikwad who plays the lead as Vinobha, does a good job. He seems completely convincing as a crest-fallen farmer who ensures his land stays protected. The rest of the cast, have done a decent job.
Music and other departments
The cinematography has been quite nice and so has the editing. The locations too seem quite apt for a film based on rural life and farmers. The music in the background too is quite eerie, where it needs to be. 
The movie tries to bring back the topic of development and industrialization and the price the farmers have to pay for it. It starts a whole discussion on how farmers are indeed treated badly by the society and neglected as well. 
There are not many drawbacks, except for the fact that I wanted to see more of the film. If it would have been a 2-hour film, it would have definitely made more of a statement. 
Did I enjoy it?
Yes, I did
Do I Recommend
Yes, if you understand Marathi or you can watch it with subtitles.

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