Sanak (2021) Review

Action comes to the rescue in this otherwise-boring hostage drama

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Sanak (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

When his wife Anshika is diagnosed with a life-threatening illeness that requires surgery, Vivaan decides to admit her to a hospital. Also getting treated there is criminal mastermind Ajit Pal Singh. But when his gang, led by Saju Solanki, takes the entire hospital hostage and tries to break him out, Vivaan and Anshika get stuck with the hostages. With time running out, Vivaan is forced to team up with hard-nosed cop Jayati Bhargava in order to take the gang down and save everyone's life.


How do you take one of the best action heroes in Hindi cinema right now, and make a lifeless film that tries to bank only on his ability to perform kickass stunts? Sanak is a cautionary tale in this regard. Imagine if someone decided to update John Woo's Hard Boiled in a hospital set in Mumbai in 2021, and chances are even that film would've been more entertaining than what director Kanishk Verma serves up here. If you're a Vidyut Jammwal fan, it is fun to watch him do some cool--and dangerous--stunts in the hospital in the middle of a hostage situation. But the story, unfortunately, rests on a filmsy premise, with a wife who is in hospital for a life-threatening operation, a criminal mastermind who is in hospital under police custody, and a trigger-happy gang that loves shooting first, with a leader who spouts "Time To Tango". Everyone is expected to be corny here, and therefore Sanak becomes a tedious watch after a point.


Vidyut Jammwal is the only actor worth watching here for his stunts, even though the screenplay lets him down badly in the dramatic scenes. Rukmini Maitra makes her Hindi debut here, but the screenplay never gives her much scope as Anshika. Neha Dhupia is fun to watch as the tough-as-nails Jayati, who communicates with Vivaan over the phone. Chandan Roy Sanyal's Saju is an exercise in hamming, while Kiran Karmarkar's Ajit Pal Singh is one-note. The rest of the cast is okay.

Music & Other Departments

Saurabh Bhalerao and Suyash Kelkar's background score is deafening at times. Andy Long Nguyen's stunts are well-choreographed. Pratik Deora's cinematography relies on shadows a lot.


Vidyut Jammwal's stunts are well-choreographed.


The story is too predictable and gets tedious after a point.

Did I enjoy it?

Not really.

Do I recommend it?

Unless you're a Vidyut Jammwal fan, no.

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