Sangamam (1999)

Sangamam (1999)
Platform : Amazon Prime Video
Language : Tamil
Synopsis : This film depicts the disputes between two forms of the dance styles and music, Classical Indian (in particular Carnatic music and Bharathanatyam danceform) against rural Tamil folk music and dance. The film depicts the misunderstanding and mutual ignorance of the two factions. The parallel plot in the movie is of the children and intended successors of the respective dance doyens falling in love with each other. The climax ends with a consensus of both the music genres as well as the young couple, hence the name Sangamam.
Cast : Rahman, Vindhya, Manivannan, Vijayakumar, Radha Ravi, Vadivelu, SriVidya, Charle, S.N.Lakshmi, Venniradai Moorthy, Madhan Bob, Delhi Ganesh, Thyagu, Soori & others
Directors : Suresh Krissna
Producer/s : V. Natarajan
Cinematographer (DoP) : S. Saravanan
Production House : Pyramid Films International
Music : A. R. Rahman

Movie Duration (minutes) : 151
Digital Premiere Date : May 21, 2020 Theater Release Date : July 16, 1999

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