Sara's (2021) Review

Sweet in parts, sluggish at some others, this light-hearted tale is a decent watch!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Sara's (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Sara’S tells us the story of Sara, an aspiring filmmaker who puts in big efforts to get her first script in motion and become a director. She runs into Jeevan, a happy-go-lucky youngster who is on the verge of landing himself a job. Sara gets connected to Jeevan in many ways, the most important of them being the fact that he doesn't want a kid in life. However, life has other plans. 


Jude Anthany Joseph, who made the very likable Om Shanti Oshaana, is back with another light-hearted, free flowing film that doesn't take itself too seriously and is busy showcasing the good and bad parts of life with a pinch of sugar. The film takes up a very important and interesting concept that is largely discussed today, and makes the proceedings seem very simple and relatable. However, what is very breezy at first, slowly takes the predictable route step by step, and turns out to become a very familiar story that is foreseeable from well in advance. Thankfully, the film ensures that it isn't going to lose its charm, and runs ahead quite convincingly. 


Anna Ben puts in an impressive performance once again, in a role that demands her to be sweet and vulnerable at the same time. With just a handful of expressions under her belt, she carries off her part with elan and makes herself a great artist to watch and watch out for. Sunny Wayne, though a bit awkward with his role, does a very good job in the film and does manage to bring out the laughs at many places. The film has a handful of other characters who make a mark, including Sunny’s mother. 

Music & Other Departments

All the songs in the film are creative and worth humming, adding light to the proceedings. The film’s cinematography and editing are in line with other films of quality these days. 


Anna Ben’s performance and the light-hearted nature of the film.


The film suffers from pacing issues in the second half. 

Did I enjoy it?

To an extent, yes. It has its flaws but is still watchable. 

Do I recommend it?

It is a harmless watch if you are willing to spend 2 hours of your time without complaining. Don’t look too deep for a thick storyline. 

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