SATHRU (2019)

SATHRU (2019)
Platform : Amazon Prime Video
Language : Tamil
Synopsis : Kathiresan (Kathir) is a young cop who is known for his fearless attitude. He arrests the son of a local MLA and does not spare the son of his Superior officer(Marimuthu) also. In two years, Kathiresan gets suspended twice, thanks to his straight forward working style. When Kathiresan comes across a child kidnap case, he pins down one of the five criminals and successfully saves the kid. Pissed off by Kathiresan, head of the gang Prabha (Lagubaran) and four of his friends take an oath to kill all the family members of the cop. Can they succeed or not is the rest of the story.
Cast : Kathir, Srushti Dange, Ponvannan, Neelima Rani, Suja Varunee, Laguparan, Bava Lakshmanan, Marimuthu, Pawan & others
Directors : Naveen Nanjundan
Producer/s : Raghukumar, Sritharan, Rajarathnam
Cinematographer (DoP) : Mahesh Muthuswami
Production House : RT Infinity Deal Entertainment & Milestone Movies
Music : Amresh Ganesh‎ & Surya Prasadh R

Movie Duration (minutes) : 120
Digital Premiere Date : May 6, 2020 Theater Release Date : March 8, 2019

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