Schitts Creek Season 5 Review - A smooth yet hilariously captivating journey

Schitts Creek Season 5 Review - A smooth yet hilariously captivating journey
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Production House: Not a Real Company Productions Cast: The cast for this season includes three prime names - Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy, who have played commendable parts in the show. The entire crew has too has ensured the right amount of entertainment and humour. Dialogues: None of the dialogues appear disrespectful and provide genuine humour. Even the throwaway lines used on the show appear to be funnier than the actual jokes that are mostly featured on American television. Music: Maribeth Solomon has ensured impeccable music in the show, right from the music titles to the background score. Cinematography: Gerald Packer's terrific cinematographic standards make for a visual delight for the viewers. Editing: Trevor Ambrose's edits are in line with the needs of the show and preserve its humour quotient well. Producers: Eugene Levy, Dan Levy, Andrew Barnsley and Ben Feigin Story: Jordan Canning directed Schitt's Creek season five has characters looking forward to making progress with their relationships and business pursuits. The show has Moira renewing her acting career with a new role while David and Patrick try to take their relationship to a new level. In the meanwhile, Alexis and Johnny are hoping to inspire positive reviews for the motel. Moira has returned from her breakthrough film shoot in Bosnia, with a purpose, a clear exit strategy and the newfound energy. Ready to make her mark by launching her artistic endeavour, she catches a lot of attention this season. Even though the reputation of the Rosebud Motel remains intact, managing the individual needs of the staff, Stevie and Roland, proves to be tricky. Rose Apothecary, however, can be seen running smoothly as David is now focusing on nurturing his relationship with Patrick, right from apartment hunting to joining a baseball team. The series is a pleasantry delight not just because of its funny side and comic timing, but also because of the softness attached to the portrayal of each character as they approach their relationship. Jennifer Robertson's hilarious performance as Jocelyn also works big time. Schitt’s Creek Season 5 has succeeded in maintaining the high standards as compared to its previous seasons. However, it won’t be overwhelming to say that this season is better than the last one. Schitt’s Creek is amongst the best comedic writings available on air. Ratings: 4.5/5

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