Scotland Review: Not even the Scotland Yard can decipher this puzzle

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Scotland Review: Not even the Scotland Yard can decipher this puzzle
Shemaroo Me
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Format:   Featured Movie
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Movie Rated:  18+
Genre:   Crime
Language:   Hindi
Digital Premiere Date:   31 July 2020


What is it about?
An NRI neuro-surgeon and his daughter decide to visit Mumbai for a vacation instead of Barcelona. On the trip, the daughter is gang-raped by a politician's son and his friends and left to die on the roads. The NRI neurosurgeon is able to save his daughter's life, but he realises that she has no hope of living. Seeing her deteriorating condition he decides to fight the case on her behalf, but the courts acquit the accused citing lack of evidence. As a last resort, he decides to take the law in his own hands and seek revenge from his daughter's rapists. 
The movie opens with the actress watching Mother India where Nargis Dutt shoots her own son for kidnapping a woman. This pretty much sets the stage for what will ensue. You understand that the movie is about saving 'aurat ki izzat'. But that's when everything goes downhill. The movie is a rape-revenge drama, a plot that has been used in at least a dozen Hindi films by now. However, the execution matters. While the movie Mom, also had a similar plot, it saw late actress Sridevi spell magic on the screen. This movie has no magic whatsoever. The movie looks like it has been shot in the Mumbai suburbs and has been made solely to be able to prove a point. Some parts of the movie will make you laugh, not because it is funny, but is ridiculous. The dialogues for once have no finesse and seems to have been written in a hurry. I don't want to get into the grammatical part of it, but the writers really seemed to be lacking depth and understanding of what it takes to write a screenplay and dialogues. For a movie that is titled Scotland, it will send even the Scotland Yard on a wild goose hunt in the search of a script. There are some ridiculous plots, such as Dr Diwan writing on a whiteboard about 'Revenge' that he is about to seek from the rapists. 

Adam Saini plays the lead Dr Brij Diwan and his daughter Tanya Diwan is played by Khusboo Purohit. For the longest amounts of time, Khushboo is shown staring into nothingness or crying. Adam too is crying or mouthing dialogues that will make you roll on the floor laughing. Clearly, the performances are not the strongest part of this film. It was heartening to see Savi Sidhu as a judge. Even though for a brief period, it felt nice to see Savi Sidhu back on his feet after his story of struggle went viral last year. 

Music and other departments
There are few songs in the film such as Parvardigaar, which only add to the film's runtime. There is not much to talk about the film's music. 
There are no highlights to this shoddily made movie. 
The entire movie is a drawback
Did I Enjoy It?
Just skip this movie. There are better films to watch on vigilantes and seeking justice for rape victims. 
Do I Recommend It?

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