Seasons Greetings Review: Hardly an interesting watch

Seasons Greetings Review: Hardly an interesting watch
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A mother and daughter relationship, set in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The 45 minute film is about Romita (Celina Jaitly Haag) who decides to introduce her live-in partner Usmaan "Azhar Khan" to her mother Suchitra "Lillette Dubey" who stays in a bungalow with her maid Chapala "Shree Ghatak". On a September noon, they visit Suchitra, a lady who lives alone after being separated from her husband. Ironically, she lives in a house 'Utsab' (meaning Festival) but she is lonely, often lost in her thoughts. Music is her only companion since her daughter travels due to work assignments and stays in a different city. Daughter's home coming is always celebrated in Bengal, just like Durga Puja. So after years Suchitra leaves no stone unturned to welcome her daughter and her fiancee Usmaan. Over a five course Bengali meal and few glasses of wine, they discover each other. While Romita thought that she was the one waiting to surprise her mother with Usmaan's presence in her life, she didn't know .

Format: Short Film
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Drama, Family

What is the story about? 
This short film is premised in the city of Kolkata. It is about how a mother gives in to a lonesome life to raise her daughter, and give her all that she deserves, when her husband decides to walk out of their life, for reasons unexplained. Romita (Celina Jaitely) is now all grown up, she is a successful media influencer, and has managed to travel around the world. While travelling she has met with her prince charming. After two years of living in together, the duo decided on getting married. Usman does inquire about Romy’s mom, Suchitra (Lillette Dubey). He is concerned about how she’s managed to live without the support of a companion all this time. On the appointed day Romy goes to meet with her mother along with Usman. All goes well until Romy reads a letter written to her by her mother. The letter probes her to question about her father’s sudden disappearance. Romy hurtles questions to her mother, and she is unable to support her answers most efficaciously until someone arrives at the door. 

Lillette Dubey is her natural self. I love the way she moves around vivaciously in the sit out of her house. Her moves are simple, but the grace defines her. 

The base of this plot is wonderful but is the emotions are overdramatic. Who is Usman, and why does he need to be there in the first place. The plot could have done well even without Usman’s presence. Also, this film is needlessly stretched. There are times when Celina Jaitley’s expressions become very dark for no reason at all. Also, why would you wait up at a hotel when you’re arriving in your hometown to meet with your mother? She knows you’re living in with him, isn’t it just a little more practical to go home, and cut away those intimate scenes, that do not support anything at all? 

Music and other departments
The sets were wonderful. Especially in Suchitra’s house! I loved the way Lillette Dubey had attired herself. The drapes heightened her charismatic appearance. The title track has an appealing ring to it. The sweet Bengali lyrics and the sweet music make for a brilliant concoction for the ears. 

The charming sets and the exquisite cinematography are the highlights.  

The plot and characterization are flawed. The message is strong, but its entirely washed out owing to a weak plot. 

Did I enjoy it? 

Do I recommend it and why? 
No, I don’t! Bollywood has given us better films on similar lines 


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