Sentinelle Review

Yet another revenge drama with a weak script

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Sentinelle Review
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What is the story about?

A soldier and interpreter with the French Army, Klara is suffering from PTSD after the horrors she witnessed in Syria. She is transferred to Nice as a part of her operation where she starts to build her new life with her mother and sister. However, one evening her sister gets brutally raped and ends up in a coma. With no help from the authorities, Klara realizes that the people involved in the rape of her sister are powerful men in France. She decides to seek revenge from them and uses her lethal combat training knowledge in avenging her sister's rape. 


A lot of films and series off-late feature a family member or a lover seeking revenge for a loved one's rape and assault. Sentinelle too has a similar plot wherein the crux of the story is about vigilante justice. However, Sentinelle is just too repetitive with its tonality and has a general gloominess splattered all over the screen. Maybe some crucial parts could have been lost in translation, but the actress who plays Klara Olga Kurylenko tries her best to hold the film together that resembles so much like 'Taken'. She performs well when it comes to action sequences and also coming-to-terms with her own mental health problems, but you wish there was something more that could have been done in the film. There isn't much dialogue, but a lot is dependent on Olga's emotions and facial expressions. In the end, you end up feeling that there was just a one-mind approach by Klara to seek her sister's rape. 


Olga Kurylenko is the star of the film and carries the entire film on her shoulders. Her scenes that test her combat skills and marksmanship have been shot in a very stellar way. The rest of the cast is strictly average in the movie. 

Music & Other Departments

There is not much music to talk about in the film except for the background scores that play during the run of the film. The script could have been a bit more edgy and gritty. The movie has a very gloomy and somber look that makes it difficult to keep oneself engaged, but it alright since the movie itself has a very dark theme. 




Wish they could have developed Klara's character a bit more. Her taking on the Oligarchy in France deserved a lot more screentime. 

Did I enjoy it?

I honestly don't have much stomach for revenge dramas anymore. This one is at best a half-baked attempt.

Do I recommend it?

No. It has a similar story and treatment like the movie 'Taken', yet it neither entertaining, thrilling, nor engaging. 

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