Seventeen review - Journey of a juvenile delinquent

Seventeen review - Journey of a juvenile delinquent
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Seventeen is a journey, emotionally and age-wise. Hector is a disturbed 17-year-old who doesn’t want to miss out on life. So he jumps and climbs out of the prison gates, but not intending to escape but to experience the thrill of it repeatedly. He enjoys life, in a different form, which is often frowned upon. He steals from the mall, but to protect the grandmother, he escapes from prison, only to check on his grandmother and spend a little more time with his elder brother, Ismael with whom he has not been able to bond. A month before turning 18, he only wants to hunt for the meaning of life. But his actions are misunderstood. In his pass-time, he does the unthinkable. He reads. He read a book full of penal codes, and fortunately, he has an adult friend at the prison for juvenile delinquents, who motivates Hector to do what is right. Soon he bonds with a dog, and it breaks his heart to know that the dog has found a good home. Yet, he shows signs of maturity when he allows himself, and his pet to move on when he comes to know that the dog is living a life better than Hector could even afford. Seventeen is a modest journey that explores what forces a boy to adapt circumstances that have otherwise frowned upon. The pace is slow but so is life at Seventeen. Each time death arrives at the doorstep, there’s always new hope. Biel Montoro as Hector and Nacho Sanchez as Ismael have put in their best efforts to bring out the best of their characters. Biel treats his delinquency like his second nature. He adopts it as a part of himself, and Ismael as the elder brother finds it surprising that his younger brother is unable to differentiate between crime, and greater crime and what makes men go to jail. That doesn’t just annoy him but he remains astonished at how he almost joins him in the criminal activities, despite having sufficient knowledge that some of his activities are illegal, and they come with hefty fines, and jail time.

Rating: 4/5

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