Sex Education S3 Review

The world's favourite teenage comedy-drama returns with a lot more escapades and therapy

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Sex Education S3 Review
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What is the story about?

The students of Moordale High have a new and strict head-teacher, former student, Hope. She plans to bring discipline to the lives of students and get rid of the bad press the school has been getting after being called as 'Sex School' and even introduces uniforms. This season focuses a lot on Adam and Eric's relationship, Maeve and Otis struggle with their feelings, but Maeve has more things on her plate than being in a relationship. Jean and Yacob deal with Jean's pregnancy and co-parenting their soon-to-be born child. 


The first episode of season 3 of Sex Education opens up to a montage of the various characters indulging in sexual escapades, a testimony to the fact that the rest of the season wouldn't be about just sex but also about relationships. Sex Education started off as two industrious teenagers, Otis and Maeve trying to make some quick money by giving sex tips to their fellow students. However, as the series progressed it handled various serious topics such as abortion, body shaming, homosexuality, to name a few. Sex Education, perhaps tries to undo the damage done by American teenage movies, especially the Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller movies where everyone seemed to be obsessed with orgasms, sex and schlong sizes. The characters are simple, yet they are leading complicated lives which resonates with most of us. Last season we saw Maeve call the police on her junkie mother and help place her half-sister in foster care. This show while being called Sex Education actually humanizes the characters for wanting an emotional outlet and acceptance. Adam, is one of the characters that we felt was written beautifully. From being homophobic to accepting his sexuality and then getting rid of his 'machoness' is something you rarely get to see in movies or television. Jean and Yacob are dealing with her geriatric pregnancy and their relationship too is explored with a lot of sensitivity. Ola and Lily face a roadblock in their relationship, when Ola realises that Lily is taking her obsession with aliens a tad bit far. The makers are not heavy on preaching or tokenism, yet they entertain and enlighten. 


Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield return as Maeve and Otis. For most of us 90s kids, they seem like Ted and Robin or Ross and Rachel, where an entire series is based on will-they-wont-they be together story arch. Emma is vulnerable, yet strong and resilient as Maeve. Asa is perfect as Otis and he brings a lot of warm and depth to his character of Otis. This season Connor Swindells as Adam outperformed himself as he deals with his sexuality amidst not letting to let go of his previous forbearings. Gillian Anderson as Jean is brilliant as ever and she adds a lighter arc to the other serious storylines. Aimee Lou Wood and Tanya Reynolds also have been interesting in this season as well.

Music & Other Departments

The makers have incorporated a lot of 70s song tracks in this season and it really adds to the vibrant quotient of the series. The series has been shot in a beautiful locale in United Kingdom which has a lot of 90s themes to it. The episodes however, are too long this season and we wish some of it could have been edited well. The dialogues and script has nothing to complain about and clearly season 3 is a winner. The production value too is brilliant as are the costumes and makeup. 


  • Unique storylines
  • Quirky characters
  • Even though the series is based in 2021, none of the characters are 'social media influencers' or obsessed with 'Instagram' and 'Tiktok'.
  • The teenagers seem to be dealing with genuine issues


Episodes are a bit long.

Did I enjoy it?

I love this show. It is clearly one of the best shows out there and this season was one of the best I have seen in a long time. This series runs on pure quirks and comedy and heartfelt situations and none of those manufactured ones you see in other teenage shows. 

Do I recommend it?

This series is a must-watch. Even if you aren't a fan of teenage shows, this series is heavily recommended. 

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