Sex/Life Review

Netflix drops another steamy show that is sure to win over the target audiences!

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Sex/Life Review
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What is the story about?

Billie is a gorgeous wife who has almost everything a woman needs - a big house, two beautiful children, all the luxury and a high life. But one thing that her husband cant really give her is the intensity and the sex that she enjoyed with her ex-boyfriend Brad. As Billie’s desire grows further and further, Brad makes a return into her life and things heat up. 


Despite being a show that takes itself into the quarters of 365 DNI and Fifty Shades of Grey, Sex/Life ensures that it is not just about the ‘sex’ and has a story to tell too. When one would take a look at the trailer and devise that the series is just another one about intercourse and desire, the show springs up a few surprises in every episode and keeps the momentum going. The writers have made it clear that they are indeed going to discuss relationships in the show apart from all the nudity, and have gone ahead with it quite acceptably.


Sarah Shahi is the show’s lead character and one thing’s for sure - this show is definitely going to win her a lot of fans. This particular show is more about the charm that the characters have, rather than the performances that they can bring, and in that way, the cast has been skilfully picked.

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The show has what it needs in terms of the technical aspects, the steamy scenes are indeed shot aesthetically and dont look forced.


The show having a solid story more than just the sex, is a good thing.


Sometimes, there are a lot of dialogues which actually dont add value to the show, and only end up boring out the audience. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yup. There is nothing wrong in admitting that this is well made, if not clean stuff. 

Do I recommend it?

If you are someone who is into such a show, this will definitely pique your attention. 

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