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Reality series in which 4 young couples are put through an intensive journey to turn into the best shape of their lives physically, mentally and emotionally for their wedding day.

Episodic Synopsis

Episode 1: 

Introduction of the four couples and their fitness evaluation which helps fitness expert Shivoham to reveal what their ideal body statistics should be as he sets their fitness goals.

Episode 2: 

Couples first meeting with their Grooming Expert Neeraj Gaba and after a brief grooming session learn about their first grooming challenge

Episode 3: 

Save the date photoshoot with P.K.Suri, a special positive visualization session with Fitness expert Vrinda and very first fitness training session with Fitness expert Shivoham, 

Episode 4: 

Grooming session with Neeraj Gaba to learn how to impress the in-laws followed by a gruelling fitness training session with Shivoham and Vrinda.

Episode 5: 

How do the four couples do when they face their to-be in-laws? Did they pass the test? The meeting didn’t go too well for one couple. After this high on emotion experience the couples have to show their coordination and strength in their next fitness challenge. How's the leaderboard looking?

Episode 6: 

The couples are in for a fun time as they go shopping to Aza Fashions to select their Sangeet outfits but there's a surprise twist to it. After this fun experience the couples now have to face their next fitness challenge. What makes Anjana so terrified? The episode ends on a high as the couples meet their Choreography expert who is a renowned television personality to decide the theme of their first dance.

Episode 7: 

After a busy dance rehearsal session the couples are ready to present their First Dance. Which couple impresses the judges with their dancing skills and which couple stumbles during their performance? Balance, coordination and support are the key challenges in their next fitness task. But there's an unfortunate accident.

Episode 8: 

After 7 weeks the couple's Fitness training sessions have intensified. Their next time bound Fitness Challenge and puzzle will reveal how well they know and recognize their partner's face. After this they have a fun filled Grooming Session with Neeraj Gaba who finds out about what each of them would like to see in their partner's makeover right from crew cuts to green colour hair streaks. The couples are then taken to see Makeover expert Jaaved Habib, who reveals his plans of complete makeovers - Gautam is tense and Shradha is reduced to tears after her makeover. 

Episode 9: 

After 8 weeks of fitness training why does Akash breakdown during this Fitness challenge? The boys are in for an exciting ride as the girls will have to seduce their partners and get their pulse rate soaring with their next dance performance. Will we see the soon to be married couple's chemistry in this next challenge on Shaadi Fit.

Episode 10: 

The couples are excited as they will be selecting their Sangeet outfits today - the excitement is building up as they cannot see their partners outfits yet. But there is an issue with Ajay's outfit. The couples then head for their final Fitness challenge which will be an amalgamation of all the tasks that they have been trained for in these past 9 weeks. Extreme strength and endurance for both - boys and girls. What makes Gautam lose his composure and blast Michelle, reducing her to tears? After this intense fitness challenge its time for the couples to have some fun. They meet their wedding photography expert P.K.Suri to shoot their pre-wedding videos.

Episode 11:

Shaadi Fit - Grand Finale. Play out of the pre-wedding videos to see which couple's chemistry shines through and then the finale sangeet performance where the couples look nothing short of Bollywood stars. All eyes are on the leaderboard and lots of anticipation. Highlights of their transformational journey are seen. Did they meet their Fitness goals? Finally the big reveal - the Shaadi Fit Winners!

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