Shine On With Reese Review - A powerful show about women who have broken the glass ceiling

Shine On With Reese Review - A powerful show about women who have broken the glass ceiling
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I have seen several talk shows. Some of them are insightful to the point that they can put you to sleep. I am certainly not criticising the subject matter, but the information sought can only make a little difference to the life of very few people. But ‘Shine On With Reese’, that’s presently streaming on Netflix, is a talk show that can make a difference in the life of many people. Produced and compered by the famous Reese Witherspoon (of the ‘Legally Blonde’ fame), Shine On with Reese delivers interesting viewpoints on how women have evolved over the years. Women have graciously broken through all clichés and have made a mark in fields dominated by men! Take Ava Duvernay for instance. She has emerged a noteworthy filmmaker of colour. A block that she has managed to smash; using nothing but a vivid imagination and a little technical knowledge to make her films come alive with life. It is even more interesting to note that the filmmaker hasn’t had any formal training in a film school before. She is better known as a number cruncher, who got bored of staring at numbers and was smitten by the on goings-on a film set. Some of the films made by her include 13th, Queen Sugar, When They See Us, A Wrinkle in Time, and many more. Take music for instance! In an interview with the famous singers Dolly Parton and Pink, we learn, that a person who excels at the creative arts has gone through a tumultuous ride in life. Creativity stems out of pain. We also learn how some of Pink’s fans have critiqued her for her dress sense. Some of them have even tweeted, asking her to dress her age, as she is now a mother of two. But over the years, Pink learned that she isn’t defined by how she’s dressed, but is better known for her singing and the kind of words she says on stage. On the other hand, Dolly Parton faced issues of often being named as gaudy owing to the amount of bling she adorns while on stage. The bling is just the residue of that stapping voice and great lyrics from a bygone era, that still seems very fresh. In another interview with Cleo Wade and Elaine Welteroth, we learn of how out-of-the-blue friendships create waves at paving a way for a better society where women of colour can give way to their talent. The first season comprises 10 episodes, and each of these uncovers a certain value system, that strongly emerges through the work of these women. These women have broken down monumental clichés that have been built over the years with style and by how they’ve managed to make a mark in their respective space. Where the technicalities are concerned, the series efficaciously gives audiences the impression of a live talk show. Reese hosts the show at the chosen celebrity’s home or workplace. There is little pretence or drama about the way the show is shot, and the camera pans along naturally with Reese and the interviewee. As a compere, Reese evolves with each interview and happily partakes in some path-breaking activities like a high ceiling Pilates and more! This, in turn, encourages viewers to get out of their box and try something new. The show has a lot to offer to its audiences. Netflix should encourage many more seasons of Shine on With Reese so that it makes a difference not only to the girl-child, but to the overall youth to think out of the box, and bravely face the world to successfully showcase their ideas. The show goes on to add, that success doesn’t make for the bedrock of life, in fact, failure does. A successful person becomes even more successful by the way they accept their failure. Rating: 4/5

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