Shit Happens review - Where the title says it all

Shit Happens review - Where the title says it all
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Not many buddy comedies have made a mark in the Telugu digital space and when a new platform like Aha attempts to set the record straight, viewers shall be naturally curious. Shit Happens, despite its promise of being a crackling comedy on paper, revolving around three good-for-nothing college pass-outs, fails to recreate a similar vibe on the small screen.

Starring Viva Harsha, Sameer Malla, Tarun Shetty, Prudhvi Raj and Sanjana Galrani in pivotal roles, the show is a disappointment for its wayward screenplay and the poor writing that doesn’t make much use of the several quirky situations that the protagonists are stuck amidst.

Within the adult-comedy space, the story is predictable but had reasonable scope to be a series that could provide a few silly laughs. Harsha, Sameer and Sathvik have just passed out of college and are notorious among their friends for their inability to impress girls. They embark on a mission to rise above their supposed reputation at an after-college party.

Failing miserably with the idea, they devise a plan to lose their virginity to a hooker. They fall for Scarlet, but get into a deeper mess when she’s found dead before they could fulfil their carnal desires. Just when they are set to dispose of her body in the midnight hour, they encounter a drunkard and a cop to complicate their woes. Seems okay for a show, isn’t it? But the laughs never arrive.

Sameer is obsessed about cars, Harsha can’t do without a social media status even in the washroom and Sathvik’s absentmindedness while booking cabs and flights puts him in another zone altogether. The protagonists forever adopt a self-parodying tone at themselves. Besides the dull writing, the poor comic timing of its lead cast is a dampener. Surprisingly, the show loses its fizz within the very first episode.

There are so many opportunities that the show creators could have banked on - the love story of the Swiggy delivery boy and the girl in the apartment, the backstory of Scarlet a.k.a Saroja and her would-be, the car journey with the dead body and the conversations with the corrupt cop (played by Prudhvi Raj). The families of the protagonists appear more like caricatures - the dominant mother-in-law, the independent daughter-in-law and a father who disapproves of his son’s girlfriends.

Dwelling more on the relationship between two of their female classmates could have rung in some novelty to the story. The ending feels too rushed to make an impact. Viva Harsha overacts in most situations and ends up being a victim of his own game - he has nothing new to offer in terms of his character, voice modulation and expressions. Sameer Malla, after Anaganaga, gets another role where he can’t rise above the mediocrity in the writing. Tarun Shetty has to bring in more variety to his expressions if he were to have a bright future ahead.

Prudhvi Raj shows why he’s excellent at comedy - even during his brief stay, his unique dialogue delivery with a hint of sarcasm coupled and the deadpan expressions do the job well. The makers could have been smarter in utilising the special appearances of the likes of Chandini Chowdary, Suhas, Mahesh Vitta. Unfortunately, a senior actor like Annapurna has to make-do with the role of a loud-speaker grandmother sans any value. Sanjana Galrani’s presence is more or less passive in the series to expect a performance. Shit Happens is just like its title, a mistake that Aha shouldn’t have invested in.

Rating: 2/5

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