Shobdo Jobdo cast on why human beings must daydream

Shobdo Jobdo cast on why human beings must daydream

Although the press event of Hoichoi’s Shobdo Jodbo took place in a room painted in black inside the office of Sree Venkatesh Films, the event was well-lit in its own fashion, which is quite ironical considering that Shobdo Jodbo as a web-series encapsulates a gritty and nefarious Kolkata where the storm takes an overwhelming shape each time writer Sougata Sinha enters a different zone of reality. Much like an artist, this fictional writer tends to daydream a lot.

During an exclusive interaction with LetsOTT, actor Rajat Kapoor said,” Not only as an artist as a human being we must daydream. I think it should be encouraged, people should be encouraged to daydream because it gives a route out of your reality, it lets your imagination fly, and I think it is important to develop our imagination. We develop our knowledge, our intelligence but unfortunately not our imagination. I think daydreamers have a better imagination.”

Agreeing with him on the subject of daydreaming actress Paayel Sarkar who plays Aditi in Shobdo Jobdo said,” It (daydreaming) is absolutely necessary that is why Sougata being a writer is in his own world, and his wife Aditi is unable to understand that. I daydream too, it might be about anything, it might be work, situation any damn thing. Your mind is not in your control.”

While talking about her experience of sharing the screen with Rajat Kapoor, she said, “I chose this script Shobdo Jobdo because it came to me and I have already worked with director Saurav Chakraborty before in Cartoon and many other series, so I wanted to join. But when I came to know that I will be working with Rajat Kapoor I became nervous, but that was a challenge too.”

Rajat Kapoor the actor who has worked in several films in Bollywood while talking about the market system in the Bengali film industry and the Hindi film industry confessed that he has little idea about its widespread. “I don’t know I am not the right person to answer this question (about the market in Bollywood and Tollywood). I work here as an actor. I chose Shobdo Jabdo because my script was really good and my role was really good. That was good enough.”

While talking about their characters, we spoke to the actresses Paayel Sarkar and Mumtaz Sorcar who were fairly overwhelmed to know about LetsOTT, working as an aggregator for their platform.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for us, people globally recognise our work. That is the best part about OTT platforms, once it's there everybody gets to see it, said Paayel.

“This medium will give more opportunities to fledgeling actors because the film is a particular medium, there are logistics and boundaries there. But in OTT platforms things are much more flexible. After it releases on the platform the exposure is open to everybody,” she continued.

Mumtaz Sorcar too had a similar opinion. “Amazing, I mean you guys stimulate the whole thing. You allow us to live we allow you to live it is a two-way thing. When you make the content you talk about it,” she said while learning about the contents in our platform.

For the past, a couple of years Hoichoi and various other platforms have been reasonably fair regarding focus and presence of women characters in their web-series. While commenting on this area pattern Paayel said, “I think Hoichoi has done a very good thing by focusing on a female protagonist, women characters. I think that should be carried forward in movies as well, which Bollywood is doing this way and Hollywood has done over the years.”

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