Shukranu's trailer is as hilarious as its premise is grave

Shukranu's trailer is as hilarious as its premise is grave

ZEE5 recently dropped the trailer of its upcoming Original film, Shukranu - Hui Emotions Ki Nasbandi. And by the looks of it, viewers are in for a rollicking ride of gags, wise-cracks and the self-deprecating humour of the protagonist, played by Divyenndu Sharma, who is forcibly sterilised under the compulsory sterilisation programme of the government during the Emergency of 1976.

Actor Vijay Raaz lends his dulcet voice to the narrator of the trailer - the eponymous 'Shukranu', which is the chaste Hindi word for 'sperm'. So it is the sperm that narrates how it has become enemy number one for the government, just like 'keetanu' (germs) and 'parmanu' (nuclear energy).

The dialogues spoken by the sperm in its Vijay Raaz voice are uproariously funny in their description of how the poor Shukranu is dealt with in the new scheme of things.

Shukranu is a humorous, though thought-provoking take on the grave issue of forced sterilisation.

The movie, starring Divyenndu Sharma, Shweta Basu Prasad and Sheetal Thakur, document how a man's love and domestic life is hit when he has to undergo compulsory sterilisation.

Shukranu is produced by Reliance Entertainment and directed by National Award winning director, Bishnu Dev Halder.

Shukranu - Hui Emotions Ki Nasbandi drops on ZEE5 on 14th February 2020.

Check out the trailer below -

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