Sin Season 1 Review: Crime, a matter of perception?

Sin Season 1 Review:  Crime, a matter of perception?
Movie Rated
Bengali & Hindi

Format:  Series
Platform: Addatimes
Movie Rated: 18+ (
Sex, Violence, Substance)
Genre: Adult, Thriller

What is the story about?  Sin is based on a young couple and a police officer, who comes to Darjeeling after a girl dies of an overdose. Drugs, sex and fantasies of sex turns life upside down for the characters in this series.

A report had suggested that it took the makers’ of Addatimes’ Sin 2000 auditions to enlist the final lead characters. Aryan D Roy, who comes from sufficient experience, even in his new look remains unconvincing. Probably because he is a cop in disguise and easily blows his cover. Even if we choose to forget about his job profile, is it really very difficult to have the common sense of not showing off about a cop’s work profile while you are undercover, or at least attempting to be?
For an audience that has watched Love Sex and Dhoka, or other crime-dramasin involving sex, nothing will particularly fascinate you, in fact, you might be able to predict, who’s doing what, when and where? Basically, if you get your regular dosage of crime from Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, then Sin may not look very surprising.
Music and other departments
The music in a detective-based genre often becomes a memory, be the tunes of Satyajit Ray’s Feluda series, or the Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman starrer Sherlock. The music of Sin does not particularly become a memory, rather as a passing phase or a forceful inclusion of a creative procedure, without which a project cannot be approved.  
The cinematography was worth notice, but not experimental. You have seen such camera movements in the works of Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal, however, it’s sad that despite such talent in cinematography Shetty doesn’t know an effective way of using such forces. But Sin manages to remain convincing with its strong frames.
In a show on Koffee With Karan when producer Karan Johar had asked Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone if they have ever committed a sin when the latter asked for an example of what he considered sin, Johar had indicated a sexual act with the same gender. But Deepika had immediately remarked, ‘that’s not a sin’.
Even in 2018, The Supreme Court of India had decriminalised Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Hence any act of sex when done with consent, cannot be considered a sin. That was one aspect of morality which kept hitting my conscious.addatimes
Did I enjoy it?
It was difficult to enjoy it since my morality differs from the maker’s perception of morality.


Do I recommend it?
We need to fight drugs and not addicts, but can we normalise the intake of drugs? In an attempt to be progressive, can advocate bad behaviour, yes I’m still talking about drug intake. Unlike, drinking or smoking, even if you snort drugs ‘occasionally’, is it really the best decision you make?
Sin is available on Addatimes.

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