Platform : Aha Video
Language : Telugu
Synopsis : A blind flutist plays flute on the road for a living and is discovered by a rich woman, who takes him to the city where he gets acknowledged for his talent. With time, he falls for her but she sacrifices him for a mute girl who loves him equally.
Cast : Sarvadaman Banerjee, Suhasini, Moon Moon Sen, Meena, S. K. Misro, J. V. Ramana Murthi, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Nithya Ravindran & others
Directors : K. Viswanath
Producer/s : Ramakrishna Reddy.Ch, Bhaskara Reddy.N, Edida Nageswara Rao, Chinaveerraju.U.
Cinematographer (DoP) : M. V. Raghu
Music : K. V. Mahadevan, Sivamani, Hariprasad Chaurasia

Movie Duration (minutes) : 181
Digital Premiere Date : February 20, 2020 Theater Release Date : May 20, 1986

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