Skulls and Roses review - Inconsistent in its aims

Skulls and Roses review - Inconsistent in its aims
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Primetime reality shows have their own charm! People would wait with bated breath, gathering around the telly to watch a reality show. Shows like ‘Big Boss’, and ‘Who Dares Wins’, witnessed a steady surge in TRPs then, as they managed to deliver well-curated content. Viewers found themselves at the edge of their seats, waiting for their favourite participant to win. Famed sibling duo, Raghu and Rajiv are back again, has conceptualized a new reality show titled Skulls and Roses. As the name suggests skulls and roses tests a couples endurance to sustain a relationship in times where the sheer meaning of a commitment, tailspins to a steady decline.

The Cast

There are sixteen 'single', stunning looking contestants on the show; eight desirous looking men and eight gorgeous women. All of them are all set to bare themselves out. And they look like they’ve emerged straight out after a modelling assignment, and are now all out to put their best foot forward on a reality show. The situation bags them a win wither way. They either to get a partner of their choice or to win the prize money that scales at a whopping, jaw-dropping 10 lakh rupees. But only if they keep with the right attitude and required balance.

Island calling

The contestants are summoned on Raghu’s Rose Island, where life is a treat. Alcohol, and food flow in abundance, and the panoramic vistas of South Africa add to the romantic air. All the participants meet at a party by the beach. In a brief time spent, they find their perfect partners and have everything going for them. A certain ‘chemistry test’ then determines their fate! The winning couple stays back on Rose Island, while the rest of the participants are packed away to Rajiv’s Skull Island. At Skull Island the tables have turned, and participants undergo the traumatic experience of living life prison-style. Here a certain basic necessity is snatched from them. Participants undergo a whole round of bitching, and backbiting, to surpass the eliminations. This is very Big Boss phenomenon seems to take viewers by the storm. With every passing episode, there is a progressive uptake on the challenges meted out by the brothers. On Rose Island, the games get kinkier, while on Skull Island the problem surmounts with every passing episode.

The measures

According to Raghu, “The participants have been chosen after running a through a severe background check. Rigorous health check up’s are conducted, ensuring that the participants be able to sustain the pain meted out on the show (especially on Skull Island).

Tech Talk

Ravi Luthria has produced the show phenomenally well. The setting and mood are bang-on. Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman have intelligently conceptualized the show. The duo makes for brilliant creative directors to the same. Donny Tshering Lama has advantageously directed the show, purposefully hooking viewers. Akshay Rajput has successfully conveyed the upside and flipside to the viewers by using dramatic lighting and excellent cinematography. Rohit Agarwal could get a miss on the post-production, as certain elements on the show appear patchy. The concept is indeed very new and re-defines the very existence of a reality show, as it imparts a certain meaning, where participants and viewers alike are constantly made to check on their id, ego and superego as they oscillate between the world. The bold nature of the show could get more enticing for the viewers, but the duo could have tapped on the emerging youth as well, considering the youngest participant is as young as 19 years of age. Rating: 2.5/5 (Watch the show on Amazon Prime Video here)

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