Sky Rojo S2 Review

Speedy and suave proceedings that stay good fun while they last!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Sky Rojo S2 Review
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What is the story about?

Sky Rojo’s second season takes off exactly from where the first one closed, with the cliffhanger getting its answer and moving onto the rest of the storyline. The series travels parallelly with the three characters that we have got accustomed to, their new routes in life and how they come into terms with the problems that pop up both expectedly and unexpectedly. 


Sky Rojo’s first season was a fire-spitting romp that had a very fast-paced narrative, lots of twists, lovely visuals and a steamy mood that never got off guard. The second season is similar in terms of its pace and styling, but what it lacks is the presence of punchy plot points and the surprise element which was the x-factor in the first season. The show’s continuity from the first season is on point, but after the first four episodes, a sense of repetitiveness creeps in and spoils the fun a bit. However, Sky Rojo does not fall back too much and is happy in delivering a neatly presented product that only falls short by the specialities of the first season. 


Veronica Sanchez continues her goodness from the first season, and is ably supported by the duo of Lali Esposito and Yany Prado who are together for most of the second season. The series’ other actors do a good job, but it is quite hard to pinpoint a ‘strong’ performance here. 

Music & Other Departments

What makes Sky Rojo click throughout is the presence of the kickass soundtrack, which hops along with solid songs and themes. 


The fast-paced narrative of the first season is maintained here.


The second season lacks the firepower of the first with respect to the twists and surprises. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. This was fun while it lasted.

Do I recommend it?

If you did like the first season, Sky Rojo S2 would turn out to be good fun, even though it doesn't achieve the greatness of the first. 

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