Sleepless Society: Two Pillows & A Lost Soul, Season 1 Review: Mind numbingly dull and melodramatic!

Sleepless Society: Two Pillows & A Lost Soul, Season 1 Review: Mind numbingly dull and melodramatic!
Movie Rated

Format: Web Series
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+ (Language, Violence, Sex, Substance)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Psychological Thriller
Language: Thai
Digital Premiere Date: 15 May 2020


What is the story about?
Sleepless Society is a Thai drama-thriller which follows the story of a motivational speaker who is in the midst of a messy divorce with her abusive and despiteful husband wakes up from a wild party to find a brutally murdered dead body lying next to her. The series unfolds the mystery with multiple plot twists directed by Sivaroj Kongsakul.
The performances leave you baffled. You constantly look for something to hold on to but the actors appear to be lost in their own thoughts. The actors were too rigid with controlled performances. Like they just follow the script but don’t bring more to the table. This trait tires out the viewers and is something one doesn’t look for when they’re binging content on an OTT platform. Controlled performances ruined the experience.
Originally a TV series is now on the OTT platform available for the viewers. The premise was interesting and I went in with an expectation to watch a decent murder-mystery. But to my surprise, it was a disaster. I’ve watched other TV series dramas and thrillers which have been streaming online at present but this one was a native TV series which follows the typical nuances of a soap opera. That was evident in the very first episode and didn’t dim down or progress better in the following 12 episodes. First turn off was the output which was shot block-wise. Which is a famous technique adapted by the TV series but in this, you get awfully tired of it. You keep looking for the plot twists to catch you off guard, but they’re so predictable that you might know what happens in the following episode. The charade continues to disappoint you but you still hold on to hope until the finale. This apparently ends up a disaster as writers seemed in a hurry to finish the series. 
Music and other Departments
There was no room left for any creative work for cinematography or editing as it was shot block-wise which seemed too orchestrated and arranged making it a dull watch. The background score is monotonous and doesn’t elevate any part of the series.
During the entire time, I was trying to wrap my brain around the lazy writing, but I was able to find one actor whose performance was very natural compared to his counterparts. That was Boonsong Nakphoo who plays the character of the professor. Beside him, there’s nothing good about the series.
Too televised for the taste of OTT viewers. Despite being a murder-mystery it doesn’t pique your interest at any given point during the series.
Did I enjoy it?
I did not.
Do I recommend it and why?
Definitely I won’t recommend it. Unless you’re a fan of typical soap operas and choose to watch it one episode a week/day.

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