So Much Love to Give Review: A Boring Comedy with Predictable Screenplay!

So Much Love to Give Review: A Boring Comedy with Predictable Screenplay!

Ever since Lockdown Netizens always have proclaimed that Argentinian Movies are unconventional in its script, narration and making. Netflix docked this Argentinian Musical-Comedy "So Much Love to Give" Aka "Corazón Ioco" Separately, Suar and Carnevale have made their "creative products" a registered trademark with various details in general. Both in film and television, they built a kind of time capsule: there their tales take place quietly in a today where actuality (and culture) has not grown for about thirty years. We get to voice out our opinion of another product of the famous director-writer combo.

What is the story about?

Fernando Ferro (Adrián Suar ), is the wish/fantasy of almost half of the males: Yes, he is a bigamist. Our hero, with all the shallow and likely compassionate strain, married as a young man and has two children with Gabriela Toscano (Paula) who also works as a kindergarten tutor. Paula's whole world orbits around taking care of her kids and expecting for her husband to return from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata where they dwell. While he has a life of an average Argentinian male, Fernando many years ago, on one of those excursions to CABA, met Soledad Villamil (Vera) who is also a doctor who is liberal, independent and strong than Paula.
Yes, You guessed it right! Fernando loves them both. Due to a failure of the corrupt system of the country's laws, he manages to marry both of them. Even after marriage, he creates a time-table and manages to live successfully. Paula is squeaky, dresses from home and cheap clothes, she doesn't take care of herself but she is helpful and submissive to Fernando. Vera is pure class, sensual, dresses well, more daring and also pleases his occurrences. We also have the typical banana character of this kinda film, a friend of Fernando depicted by Alan Sabbagh, who not only covers him but admires him and often asks the typical dialogue to him that how he does it. 
So, like any other Kindergarten Kid through the poster and the trailers of the film can be easily predicted that the women find out everything through a series of puzzles and the remaining anecdote is how he manages both the families to lead his life.


So Much to Love is a renewed puppet, a fake joke already heard, a spell magic trick seen. In more simplistic words, a frenzied disaster from start to finish. The film is unveiled through its narration that indulges in a joke making fun of inclusive language, so old and offensive. It is not funny even by the decaying standards it manipulates and it does not maintain an even swing. The film is abrupt and gives a feel of a longer one than it is.


It is very much evident that both Toscano and Villamil have much more to deliver than what they had exhibited here. At a point of time, both of them looks faulty on-tube, without chemistry, inflicted and forced to do something that does not fit them. Suar does not take risks and he involved as one of the writers has performed only to his comfort. The few secondary characters that appear are also deficient, especially a sudden character played by Betiana Blum was swallowed by the scissors on the flow.

Music & Other Departments

Speaking of its music and technical execution, the visuals are the only saviour. The city of Mar De Plata is shown so beautifully that any viewer would love to visit it. Background score tries to make this film a wannabe musical but it does not. One of the biggest negative aspects of the film is Scissor-Work. With notorious editing and continuity problems, we deliberately get a feeling of "Was there any footage left on the way".


Except for a few force-fitted comedies, the film does not hold a single highlight. The biggest problem of the film is it does not satisfy its own genre audience.


So much Love to give is, without a doubt, a film that lags behind; It is neither funny nor compassionate, and the only thing he allows himself to rejoice about is using an overdose of worn-out clichés drawn from years and years of films from all over the world that point in the same direction. To keep it simple, the Drawback of the film is the filmmaker offers an old-fashioned film that does not meet the standards of current entertainment.

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

A tiresome so-called comedy which I wouldn't recommend as we have already watched it in all 400 Languages of this planet.


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