Soul Review

Pixar hits it out with this magical musical treat!

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Soul Review
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Directed by Pete Doctor, Soul is Pixar’s new film which was released on the OTT platform, Disney+Hotstar. The movie launched on the 25th of December and has Jamie Fox, Tina Fey, Daveed Diggs and others giving their voices for their lead characters.

What is the story about?

Joe Gardner is a middle-aged music teacher in a school who has been striving hard to make it big in the music industry as a jazz pianist. He is a musician who has lost his passion for music. When he finally gets an opportunity for a gig, he ends up getting transported out of his body and into The Great Beyond, which is a place for souls. He is made to go through this journey with the help of an infant soul, named 22, who has no intentions of living on earth and enjoys being stuck in The Great Beyond. Joe and 22 somehow get out from The Great Beyond and back to earth but face difficulties there too.


Soul is a mature film which has light moments of comedy but also the perfect amount of emotions and deep inner meaning. The story is presented in a very vibrant manner which is visually remarkable and keeps you going without getting distracted. The movie takes off in a very authentic way and is very easy to comprehend despite its deep story. Soul is bold with an almost all-Black voice cast, which is something new for Pixar. The movie has a great sound score which focuses majorly on jazz and keeps us engaged. Soul also conveys the importance of the mother-son bond as well as the father-daughter like relationship between Joe and 22. Soul is touching and inspiring which feels magical in many places. A perfect feel-good watch for Christmas time.


Jamie Foxx who voiced Joe has a very matured but funny attitude all throughout. Tina Fey for 22 was very unpredictable during the beginning but as the movie went on, the bond between Joe and 22 made the character establishment and the story stronger.

Music & Other Departments

Trent Reznor, Jon Batiste and Atticus Ross have done a magnificent and magical job for Soul in providing the movie with an extravagant score. The jazz music becomes addictive as the movie progresses and is a treat to our ears. The animation adapted for the movie is top-notch and there are no flaws in the way the story is presented to the audience.


Soul has multiple memorable characters with exceptional music which makes the movie such a treat to watch.


Compared to the other Pixar films, the sense of humour here is not at the top level.

Did I enjoy it?

Definitely yes. Soul is one of the movies that is going to be something that can be watched multiple times without getting bored.

Do I recommend it?

This is one of Pixar’s best productions with high-class animation and a beautiful soundtrack.

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