Space Force moved to #2 by this New Show on Netflix

Jeya Suriya -

Space Force moved to #2 by this New Show on Netflix

Space Force, the space drama produced, directed and performed by the popular TV Show - Office's Team opened to mixed reviews online. Despite the show facing Negative reviews, the show garnered #1 Position on Netflix's Top 10 Trending list for the whole week.

But, now the Steve Carrel's Space Force has lost its #1 Position to a returning original series this week. And that is the most traumatic show 's season 4 of 13 Reasons Why. The reason for the surge into the trend is the show being undoubtedly Netflix’s most controversial original series, given the austerity of the problems, it deals with. 

This is the Season Finale of the Jay Asher's book's adaptation. 13 Reasons Why went far beyond the source stock once it became the hugely successful series. After the success, the American Streaming Giant judged and decided that it had more stories to tell which is also an important reason for the Subsequent seasons not being quite as headline-grabbing as the first Season. However, the common factor all the four is the controversy they have brought with them.

So, any show that makes a notable impression on Netflix’s top 10 list will get renewed, depending on extenuating factors. Of the shows there now in the trending, Space Force and Sweet Magnolias, both new series in the platform, will get second seasons due to their performance in the trending list. Fuller House and 13 Reasons Why will not, because it’s been declared clearly that these are the final seasons for both. 

Carrel's Space Force has zilch to bother about, as it remains in the #2 spot, ahead of the both Jeffrey Epstein documentary, Fuller House and Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

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