Space Force Review: Glacially paced satire that is hard to launch.

Space Force Review: Glacially paced satire that is hard to launch.
Movie Rated

Format: Web Series
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Digital Premiere Date: 29 May 2020
What is the story about?
It’s about General Naird (Steve Carell) who is tasked by the White House to lead a new military section called “Space Force”. His colleagues seemed to have a different theory about him and are assured that Naird will fail this task. But Naird keeps it together and tries his best to keep everything afloat along with his Chief Scientist Adrian Mallory (John Malkovich). What goes down during the course spins a series of ups and downs with comedic elements. The show is jointly created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels.


When the promos were out and the fact that the “Office Gang” is back in the action the fans were ecstatic about catching this show on Netflix. And with that notion you expect a cracker of comedy to tickle you endlessly until your tummy hurts. But sadly that is not the case. Steve Carell as Naird did a great job in holding it together but he falters on and off. And the fact that we had Lisa Kudrow on board playing Maggie Naird was pointless. She hardly had any scope to entertain the viewers. At least, not in this first season. Then you turn to John Malkovich, he dishes out a generic and overly used up performance. Space Force had three potentials and they failed, there was nothing that the supporting cast could offer in addition to it. Especially the character Erin Naird (Diana Silvers) she seemed too reluctant to perform. Performances were exaggerated with nonsensical banter. 


When the stupendous creators of “The Office” reunited we thought it will be another successful formula to watch out on Netflix. But sadly the excitement wears outright in the first episode and you start to doubt if you are going to continue for the next 9 episodes. But the synopsis for the next episode piques your attention and you do continue. It felt like the makers were trying hard to keep up with the image and made everything too over-the-top with less of substance. The pace seemed too relaxed for a comedy series and that wears you out. I wouldn’t say it wasn’t funny at all; it does make you laugh here and there but doesn’t hold its ground long enough as intended. I’m sure this show must’ve sounded a cracker on the papers but when it materialized into a series Space Force lost its essence. 


Music and other Departments
The cinematography was delectable; the approach to balance the sitcom-series was perfectly rendered. The score was upbeat and elevates a few dulled out scenes making them bearable. The edit was a bit sloppy but can’t blame the editor entirely for it. The screenplay was awry.
Despite its shortcomings, there were few moments in the entire season which makes you hold on it. Steve Carell’s comedic trait in this reminds you of “Gru-the super-villain” in a starched uniform. The satirical spoof did work with their acronyms POTUS (President of the United States) and FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States). Among the other bureaucratic politics. Also, the last episode ends in a cliffhanger, so I’m definitely waiting for the second season. 


The pace was extremely dull for a comedy series which wears out the interest too early. Also, the overly stretched out scenes could’ve ended short and crisp making it more engaging. 
Did I enjoy it?
I did enjoy Space Force, but not as expected.
Do I recommend it and why?
I recommend it. But my suggestion would be not to binge it and lay it out in fair intervals so that you’ll like it better. It’s currently streaming on Netflix.



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