Special Op’s Review– A binge watch worthy bit

Special Op’s Review– A binge watch worthy bit
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What is the story about? 

The scene opens at the Parliament House (Delhi) when a group of five terrorists have charged the premises. An explosion leads to an encounter between the terrorists and the cops. Special Forces have successfully gunned down all the five bad men. The sixth, who has been leading the attacks has successfully escaped and is on a loose. 

Back at the office ‘Himmat Singh’ (Kay Kay Menon) delivers a logical explanation to the Indian High Command asking for requisite details of the investigation at the aftermath of the attack. 

During an interrogation Himmat gives a detailed insight on the expenses levied to nab Ishfaq Khan (Sajjad Delafrooz). Crores of Rupees have been spent in the last 12 years since Himmat Singh and trusted aide Abbas (Vinay Pathak) is trying to track Ishfaq Khan. His whereabouts are being traced with the help of Himmat’s specially trained agents who include the likes of Karan Tacker, Muzammil Ibrahim, Meher Vij, Vipul Gupta, Saiyami Kher, and Sana Khan, who are stationed in various locations around the world.

Farooq (Karan Tacker) has just learnt of Ishfaq’s whereabouts. While getting involved in a business interaction with him. He also learns of yet another bomb that’s planted in Delhi. The agents now have to work very promptly to nab this criminal and arrest the bombings. 

While Vinay Pathak has played his usual self, with very little difference invested to that part he plays. This isn’t exactly the ‘Vinay Pathak’ style. 

Kay Kay Menon has played an interesting role. His attitude and demeanour are well thought and very original! Despite being a RAW agent he manages to keep his cool. He manages to add that trace of humour to break the monotony and does that in style. He knows how to keep with the pace of the series. 

Karan Tacker has displayed fantabulous acting skills! But a slight upward swing in your confidence is imperative. 

Muzammil Ibrahim was not given too much dialogue, but he did well with the mime and has successfully walked the viewers through the perils of a sniper. 

When the cupid strikes; the stunning diva, Sana Khan gracefully transforms to becoming a die-hard lover in very smooth transition! 

Vipul Gupta’s role is very short-lived and if I’d put it more fittingly, very abrupt.  His ‘chop-chop’ moves are jaw-dropping! He displays a lot of strength in character but fizzles out like the gas from the soda in the end. 

Meher Vij’s got her action pack moves in place. However, she could do something to enhance her expressions, they are rather stayed, and more or less the same all through the series. A little variation would certainly add weight. 

For real, Himmat would pine for a wife like Gautami Kapoor. She is an outright sweetheart! Her concern for Himmat is very pronounced and genuine all the same. 

Sajjad made for the perfect bad man! He hasn’t only entered the role, but in my opinion, has lived it too! 

Saiyami Kher makes for a fantastic negotiator! She could’ve played a more important part. 

At first one may assume this is a real-life imitation of events, but the series is artfully fictionalized. Director and writer Neeraj Pandey has cleverly steered from showing the 26/11 events, instead of emphasizing on the after-effects of the same. The interrogation with Ajmal Kasab is very unprofessional, in terms of the setting of the interrogation room. What is interesting is that the makers have managed to keep to the original intonation to retain authenticity. 

It is surprising to see almost no reaction from the onlookers when ‘Soniya’s’ (Sana Khan) being gunned down at the mall. 

The direction is on point. The performers have brilliantly executed the stunt work. Although playing the lead there are times where Karan Tacker’s confidence suffers slightly, and it shows, but he masks the same very cleverly. 

The transition from the present to the past is weak. The editing is very rudimentary, and a cleaner transition could’ve heightened the importance of the series. 

Music and other departments 
The sound is abysmal, and there is little effort made to correct the same. One could possibly have to strain their ears to hear ‘Ajmal Kasab’s’ interrogation with Himmat Singh. The background score is way too loud. The production has stocked on well on the scenic vistas of Baku, Istanbul, Tehran, Spain, Russia and Dubai. Also, Isfaq’s residence or office seems to be changing evidently. The camel race was absolutely not required! They could’ve done away with that bit for sure. Yet, that added to the Middle Eastern charm. 

In spite of this being a fictional take on events, one has to admit that the series is very gripping! You will find yourself binge-watching the same. Though this can be compared to a ‘Bard of Blood’ or a ‘Family Man’ it is very original in its right. The parliament seats are very realistic! One can see that the production has invested in an arm and a leg to make this look and feel like a larger than life series. The Stunts and the fight-sequences add to the charm. 

The sound will make you beat around the bush, and make baseless assumptions of the ongoing in the series. The fictional element to a great start will not go down well with many. 

Did I enjoy it? 
Well, I totally did! 

Do I recommend this? Why? 
Imagine visiting a number of countries in the comfort of your own home. Watch it for the fact that the series has a very strong narrative in spite of being largely fictionalized. 



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