Squad (2021) Review

This action drama will leave you laughing at how bad it is

Rony Patra -

Squad (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Bhim Rana, a highly-trained soldier, slips into depression when he fails to rescue a little girl in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Three years later, he is coaxed out of retirement by Nandini Rajput, head of NERO, a combat unit, in order to rescue a little girl with a highly rare blood group, who is being hunted by soldiers from five countries.


At some point in Nilesh Sahay's Squad, a character says, "Hum yeh kar kya rahe hain?" The audience can also pose this question to Sahay and ZEE5, who come up with arguably the worst film of the year. This is supposed to be an action thriller about soldiers fighting to keep India and "Hindustan ki beti" safe, and evil people trying to scuttle their plans, but the story is so poorly plotted and the dialogues are so bad--even hilarious--that I kept wishing I was drunk while watching this. Characters either ham a lot or under-emote, the soundtrack is bad, the placement of songs is even worse, and it's an uphill battle to see its lead actor struggle with a role that a Tiger Shroff or a Vidyut Jammwal would have blown through the roof. Though Rinzing Denzongpa is touted as an "action star", the action sequences are highly drab and kiddish, with a helicopter skirmish in the climax that will leave you in ROFL mode. Denzongpa also is an awkward presence in the one romantic number in the film, and you feel sorry he has been saddled with such a shoddy screenplay. 


The entire cast, including Rinzing Denzongpa, are stuck with badly-written parts, and it shows in their performances. Only Malvika Raaj seems consummately at ease as another operative, Aria.

Music & Other Departments

The soundtrack is pedestrian. However, the production design is the worst part of the film, with Belarus standing in for Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Herzegovina at different points. 




Practically everything.

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

No, unless you are drunk and want to watch a really bad action film that is unintentional comedy.

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