Squared Love Review

A decent romantic drama that doesn’t do great things but keeps it going!

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Squared Love Review
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Squared Love is Netflix’s Polish release for the V Day week, and has landed on the 11th of February onto the platform.

What is the story about?

Enzo (Matieuz Banasiuk) is a celebrity journalist and a womanizer who charms all the girls around with his attitude. However, things change in his life when he runs into Monika (Adrianna Chlebicka) who is a rather silent, well-behaved girl. Enzo is now forced to rethink his choices and his lifestyle as he begins to fall for her innocent attitude.


Squared Love has a tried-and-tested plot that does nothing different or great on the whole. The film purely rides on the charm of its protagonist, and also adopts itself into nice quarters with some feel good moments here and there. The film has a good load of comic moments that make it something more than a usual romantic comedy, but the problem here is nothing helps it qualify into a peculiar try. Nevertheless, it serves as a time pass watch.


Matieuz Banasiuk is definitely the star of the show, and steals our attention with his cool presence. The man has a good voice too, and shares a great chemistry with all the artists on screen. Adrianna is adequate, and does a fine job as the female lead in the film. The rest of the cast are good fits and do their portions with elan.

Music & Other Departments

The film is shot on a glossy scale and features good visuals and musical cues throughout. Technically, a solid product.


Matieuz Banasiuk is arguably the best thing about the show.


The film doesn’t have anything special to offer, apart from the fact that it is a usual rom-com.

Did I enjoy it?

A time-pass watch, that is what it is.

Do I recommend it?

For those looking for a laid-back affair, this could be a fine pick.

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