State of Siege 26/11 Review – A gut-wrenching saga

State of  Siege 26/11 Review – A gut-wrenching saga
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We are on the brink of a Lockdown owing to COVID-19, and ZEE5 comes up with just another inspiring series to make this lockdown worthwhile! The much-awaited ‘State of Siege’ is now streaming on the platform since the 20th of March 2020. 

What is the story about? 
Mumbai Siege is the real life saga of the proceedings of 26/11. The Financial capital came to a standstill as ten men, forced their way into the city through the Arabian Sea, and randomly gunned down innocent people down in the name of ‘Jihad’. These Pakistani Mujahideen terrorists, hailed from the city of Lahore. Their sole aim was to terrorise people and kill a number of expats in lieu of annexing Kashmir into Pakistan. This real-life saga is told from the NSG point of view. 

The cast put up a stellar performance! There was a sense of pride one observed in every member of the cast, as they essayed their roles. 

Arjan Bajwa plays the part of Col. Suneel Sheron. He is famously known as the bullet thatcher. While he’s been the face behind all the operations in the siege; he’s mainly involved in carrying out the operations at the Taj. He cannot digest any nonsense, and is very fair with his proceedings. He’s armed with liberal bout of determination and is principled all the same. He is cool and composed, but while he’s on line of duty he is like a ferocious lion, who’ll leave no stones unturned to reach out for the kill. He is part of the 51 special Action group. In an interview with the actor we learn, “This is a very high intensity role, and the challenge lies in transforming myself, and simultaneously maintaining my presence of mind. Retd. Lt. Col. Sandeep Sen, had given us very graphic details of the account, which has helped us tremendously.” 

Vivek Dhaiya plays the role of Rohit Bagga, who is very young officer stationed at Chabad House (Nariman House). He states, “As a young lad I would simply admire the uniform, as it could make someone look so smart! But when I got to wear the uniform in the act, I was gripped by a sense of duty and patriotism. I found myself becoming fearless, and was ready to fight for my country! The uniform isn’t only charismatic in appeal, but comes with the emphatic attribute of bravery.” This sincerely showed in his act. 

Arjun Bijlani plays the role of Nikhil Manikrishnan. He has simply lived the part he has played. He adds, “Retd. Lt. Col. Sandeep Sen, has walked us through every spot he has been at, while he and his team were busy neutralizing the forces at Chabad House. This hair-raising experience would want me to go an extra mile at giving my best shot!” 

Kasab has essayed his role just as well! He was simply outstanding! 

Music and other departments 
The Sound and background score was outstanding! There were a number of flaws with production. The editing was clean and takes the viewers through all the sieges with zero ambiguity. Director Matthew Leutwyler has done a fabulous job! (Salute!!) 

The time and space in which each event took place was precise and clear. Some of the noteworthy back-stories pertaining the siege have been artfully woven into the series. The names have been fictionalized, but every Mumbaikar, who’s can recollect the minute-by minute account as it was being portrayed by the media, will relate to every incident and brave sole connected to the instances shown. Memories will jolt back, as the series walks one through the crystal clear reality of the siege. The confusion displayed by the cops was brilliantly executed. 

The production did display some eminent flaws. They haven’t paid attention to detail. For instance, back in 2008, we didn’t have electronic taximeters. Also the fare shown was incorrect. Some noteworthy aspects of the plot had gone missing too! They should’ve highlighted the fact that there was a corporate event at the Trident. Also, what Trident and Taj were not part of the plan! It was the confusion that drove the terrorists to these hotels. Even though the terrorists landed at Colaba, they had earlier planted a grenade on the shores of Malabar Hill. These little aspects could’ve been woven a little more artfully. The stunts that were an underlining factor in a series like this, has been slightly underplayed. 

Did I enjoy It ? 
Yes! Without a doubt! I would’ve given this series a 10/5 if possible. It’s so good! 

Do I recommend it? Why? 
YES I DO! There are very few accounts that strike the perfect balance between the emotional and factual content. This is one of them! 

4.75/5 stars

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