Sugar Rush Christmas Review - Sugary and similar to Nailed It, Great British Bake off

Sugar Rush Christmas Review - Sugary and similar to Nailed It, Great British Bake off
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The show's lineup comprises Hunter March, Candace Nelson and Adriano Zumbo. If you have ever loved watching bakery shows, specially Nailed It or the Great British Bake off, this one is for you.

A sugary adventure, bound within a time limit, would be an appropriate way to describe the essence of the show. Making amateur chefs compete against each other for impressing the patisserie chef, this one is a regular cookery show from Netflix. Sharing similarities with several competitive shows including Zumbo’s Just Desserts, Nailed It, Great British Bake off, etc, Sugar Rush tests a contestant's finesse in making unique desserts.

Nothing unique comes through the show. The judging system is also a bit tricky and at times even appears to be biased. However, for the baking fans, this one is definitely a grab. The show has almost everything that bakery lovers would enjoy. Right from the competitive edge to the holly jolly holiday twists, the show even has a segment about special Christmas-themed competitive baking.

Even though, Netflix has successfully stood ahead in the baking competition genre with its Aussie counterpart Zumbo’s Just Desserts and several other shows including Nailed It, Netflix’s Sugar Rush is too sugarcoated for anyone's liking.

As usual, a smiling host (Hunter Marsh) welcomes the audiences. The overall concept behind Netflix’s Sugar Rush is fairly simple and easy to understand. It features a baking competition where four teams would compete against each other and has three elimination rounds to choose the final winner. The first round takes you through baking cupcakes, the second one brings on spectacular confections, and the final round takes you to the cake baking round.

However, the twist of the show includes the time-bound baking, where each team is allotted three hours to finish the first two challenges. If the team manages to finish their task before time, it is added as bonus minutes to the final round. As evident, cakes take a lot of time in baking, cooling, frosting, and decoration. It must be noted that the show also marks the return of Adriano Zumbo. He along with Sprinkles cupcake queen Candace Nelson are the judges for the show.

For the bakery non-lovers, the appeal is limited. It cannot be denied that the introduction is slightly corny. However, you will definitely like the show for its fun quotient. Right from the judges to the host, each one adds enough spice and humour to make the show funny for the audiences. The prepared desserts are delectable and the team rivalry appears to be quite competitive and honest.

Rating: 2.5/5

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