Sumer Singh Case Files: Girlfriends Review

This police-procedural is an epic blunder

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Sumer Singh Case Files: Girlfriends Review
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What is the story about?

After being transferred to Delhi from Ahmedabad, ACP Sumer Singh runs into charming psychology lecturer Nirali. Sumer and Nirali grow close to each other, and through her, Sumer also befriends her flatmates, Vaidehi, Ananya and Sonal. However, each of the girls have a murky secret of their own. The entire story is about how Sumer uncovers their secrets and crimes, and whether he can get a clean chit in a departmental inquiry against him or not.


Three years ago, the world came to know about ACP Sumer Singh via the sleeper hit Kaushiki, which made a splash on now-shuttered OTT platform Viu India. Thanks to Voot Select, Sumer Singh has been turned into an anthology franchise a la True Detective, but the story they pick out for continuing the franchise is an abysmal one. Series producer Namit Sharma makes his directorial debut here, but the problem lies in co-creator Shantanu Shrivastava's extremely-muddled screenplay where each and every aspect seems to be out of place. There are too many gaps in the storytelling, where logic goes for a toss. As the scripting contrivances and coincidences keep piling up, the characterization suffers. For someone being touted as the face of a franchise, it is shocking how Sumer's character is written as a macho stereotype rather than as a flesh-and-blood character, and how he hardly faces any backlash for his lapses of judgment during the investigation. The four girls are also written as cardboard cutouts rather than as characters, almost as if the makers wanted to make a checklist in the screenplay. The dialogues don't help matters, and sound as if a kindergarten student wrote them, with a noted example being, "Agar tu chahta hai hum teri sune, toh humein woh suna jo hum sunna chahte hai". I'm not sure whether this is the way to continue a franchise, but such contrivances render the show boring and unwatchable, with several faceplam-worthy moments.


Rannvijay Singh Singha brought a scrappy efficiency to his character of Sumer Singh in Kaushiki. Unfortunately, he is way out of his depth here, as the constant switch between hard-nosed cop and mushy lover-boy feels incongruous and boring after a point. Swanand Kirkire does his best to be the dreaded cop Shrivastava who makes Sumer recount everything in the case, but you only end up unintentionally laughing at some of the dialogues he delivers. Among the four girls, Karishma Sharma's Nirali and Elisha Mayor's Vaidehi stand out, but Aditi Arya's Ananya is written as a caricature. Sidharth Bhardwaj is all right as the slimy Bimal, who is stuck between Vaidehi and Ananya.

Music & Other Departments

Jay Bhansali's camerawork is okay. Kshitij Tarey and Aditya Pushkarna's background score builds up the intrigue efficiently.




There are so many gaps in the screenplay that an entire article has to be devoted to pointing them out. You keep wondering how a seasoned police officer like Sumer keeps making lapses of judgement while dealing with the girls. Also the dialogues are too corny and amateurish at times.
The show also drags towards the end, once it becomes pretty clear who the real mastermind of the entire maze is.

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