Summertime Review - Boring and insipid teenage drama

Summertime Review - Boring and insipid teenage drama
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A modern love story, set during a summer on the Adriatic coast. An undeniable attraction unites Ale and Summer, two people from very different worlds.

Format: Web Series
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+
Genre: Drama, Romance 

Summertime - Boring and insipid teenage drama

What is it about?
Summer (Rebecca Coco Edogamhe) is a high school senior in an Adriatic coastal resort town that’s sleepy most of the year but is about to get jammed with tourists with the arrival of summer. She’s best friends with Edo (Giovanni Maini) and Sofia (Amanda Campana), and they have serious senioritis. They help each other cheat on an English exam and are already making plans for their post-school lives. 

She meets Alessandro (Ludovico Tersigni), a badass former biker who grabs life by the horns and defies anyone who tries to question his ways. However, beneath his tough demeanour, he, too, struggles to deal with his troubled past. His tainted relationship with his father and the high expectations of his family often weigh him down, making it really hard for him to regain everything that he has recently lost. But when the two of them get together, sparks fly and they soon learn that despite all of their differences, they are very similar to one another. While they struggle to make their complicated relationship work, their friends and family deal with their own personal dilemmas.

Summertime, for lack of a better comparison, is a lot like The O.C. (or maybe Dawson’s Creek) transplanted to an Italian coastal town. Pretty young adults and teens falling in love and having the difficulties and joys that come with young love. Some feelings will get hurt and some misunderstandings will jeopardize friendships and relationships. All of it will play out under the sunny skies of a summer on the beach.

In other words, the show isn’t going to be one of those “deep thinkers”, where moral dilemmas are examined and shady morals are made into heroic acts. This about sand and surf, and blossoming love between two people and the drama surrounding it. 

Edogamhe has a presence in the first episode that is mature beyond her years, and she confidently plays Summer as someone who isn’t necessarily searching for an identity or a romance, but just a place where she feels she can fulfil her potential. That’s refreshing. Tersigni also does a nice job playing Ale, the “bad boy but nor really” character that Summer will fall for.

The show is excruciatingly long and you feel it could have been made into a movie than have all those episodes with the unnecessary drama. 

The lead Rebecca is biracial and you don't see a lot of biracial actors in Italian media. So the show is pretty inclusive when it comes to the star cast. 

Do I recommend it?
No. You might just binge watch episodes of Dawson's Creek or The OC. 

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