Super Monsters Review - Strictly targeted at the kids

Super Monsters Review - Strictly targeted at the kids
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I remember as a kid I used to receive the in-flight Delta magazine. I wasn’t quite fascinated by the magazine, but I looked forward to cherishing the last page. The magazine would give upcoming graphic designers an impetus to grow, and there was this page that comprised of a cartoon section, that came alive with a riot of bright unicorn-themed colours. ‘Super Monsters’ series took me back to those days. Super Monsters is an animated series themed around little children who become werewolves, witches, vampires and other things dark, by sun-set. These children are then taught to use their powers for the greater good of society. The first season was launched back in 2017, and now they have a new season that launched earlier in October 2019. The little monsters are made to attend a night school, and their teachers teach them great virtues on sharing, protecting the environment, and how to build on relationships with people around us. They use a variety of instances and come alive with a lot of song and music. The language is simple, but honestly, the overload of songs could put things off. Each of the episodes pan for not more than 20 minutes (approx.), and are more than self-explanatory in ways, especially concerning good manners, and how to keep with an attitude of sharing. The riot of colours is especially beneficial to children, as it casts a positive impact on their mind. However, Super Monsters is not something like Finding Nemo that even adults will enjoy. The script, plot and dialogues are specially designed keeping kids between 3-5 years of age in mind. I would also add that it could get slightly preachy at times. However, the director has ensured that there is an extra bout of drama to keep the interest alive. Though it works from the perspective of children, the writers could change the orientation of the plot and make it a wee bit mature, without changing much of the technicalities.

Rating: 2.5/5

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