Svah: So Be It Review: A Hidden Message

Svah: So Be It Review: A Hidden Message
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What is the story about? 
All is well, till you find a date on ‘Tinder’, and then find love, and want to go ahead, and marry the boy. It’s a norm that most modern families go by these days. The casual banter, the dinks and the dinner with your prospective in-laws; all this leading to a perfectly wonderful relationship, and yet it's only that speck of a flaw, that gets things going downhill; and crumbling like a pack of cards. Asawari (Shriya Pilgaonkar) is all set to meet with the Khannas. Her mother (Shilpa Tulaskar) is busy preparing for the most important event in her daughter’s life. She has set the table and is just about adding finishing touches to the dessert and is getting rid of some important pictures from the family album. All goes well until Asawari introduces her ‘bua’ (father’s sister) to her prospective in-laws. The can of worms is opened, and the truth pops out like a Jack in the box! What is this truth that we all need to know of? 


Shriya goes for a simple start. She sticks by the rules of good acting, and her mime picks the pace the moment her in-laws learn of the dark truth, and she learns of their shallow ways in the uncanniest way. Shilpa Tukaskar is an outstanding actress. Her frenzied expression of a mother, who is to get her daughter married, is wonderfully caught in the frame. Rajit Kapur who essays the role of Biju Khanna, seemed like he is in some hurry to complete the act and get away from the sets. 


Music and other departments 
The plot picks right from the start. The editing is fine, but the production isn’t exactly flawless. The lighting is dim all through, with little variation to point out the mood. 

The plot itself is a highlight. The screenplay is well penned. 


The lighting has its share of drawbacks, but the content covers it all. 


Did I enjoy it?
Yes, I did! 


Do I recommend it? 
Yes, I do! However only watch the same when you’re in the mood to watch something profoundly meaningful 


Rating: 2.5/5


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