Sweet Girl (2021) Review

This average action-thriller is ultimately tripped by its final act

Rony Patra -

Sweet Girl (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

When his cancer-stricken wife Amanda dies due to the non-availability of a generic drug, grieving husband Ray and daughter Rachel learn that the drug has been pulled from the market because of a pharmaceutical company, BioPrime. However, when Ray and Rachel try to gather evidence from a journalist, they are attacked by an assassin. Ray then swears revenge on BioPrime and its backers, with Rachel tagging along.


Coming on the back of many action-thrillers, Sweet Girl, on the surface, can seem like just another action-packed story where a grieving husband decides to take the law into its own hands. Vin Diesel might not be there in this film, but, for most part of the film, this is content being a copy-paste "family"-oriented action-thriller that borrows heavily from The Fugitive and Taken. Yet, there's lots to like about the first part of the movie, which dives into the malevolence of Big Pharma and how pharmaceutical companies actually make profits on the bodies of ordinary lives. There's also a satisfaction in watching Jason Momoa pummel the life out of someone.
What is the problem, then? It's the middle portion, where certain sequences seem written by a four year-old. For instance, in a key scene, after being nearly killed by a hitman, Ray and Rachel go to a diner....and meet the same hitman to have a talk. Sequences like this totally dilute the spirit of this action-thriller, and then there's that ridiculous twist in the climax (a la Kahaani) which makes you question everything you know about the story, The twist is not thought through at all, and makes a silly action-thriller like Sweet Girl appear unnecessarily gimmicky. This is the cinematic equivalent of the elaichi in a plate of biryani.


Momoa is all right as Ray, and he surprisingly anchors the emotional sequences well. Isabela Merced is decent as Rachel, who goes on the run with Cooper, though she is scarcely believable in the climax. The rest of the cast is just blah.

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The action sequences are decently choreographed, but the cinematography could have been better.


Jason Momoa beating up people.


The middle portions, and that ridiculous twist in the climax.

Did I enjoy it?

I was enjoying the thriller, up until the ridiculous climax.

Do I recommend it?

You can give this a watch if you're interested in a generic action thriller. But the climax might spoil your mood.

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