Tall Girl review: A good motivational tale for the insecure

Tall Girl review: A good motivational tale for the insecure
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For various reasons, I trust Netflix original films, especially the ones which are based on angry teenagers and their teen-based problems. ‘Tall Girl’ liked claimed in the title itself, is based on a girl who is abnormally tall, so much so that even her father feels insecure about it. Sometimes I really wonder what do teenagers in American teen movies want to define that they are cool. For someone who has also been a part of the girl world in India, we never had rules in our amongst our friends, that we wear pink on Wednesdays, and tied our hair only once a week. Maybe when we go out for shopping, we would prefer the company of our friends only for a second opinion, but gladly I have never been part of a girl world which had so many rules. To be honest, when a girl is taller than her age, that has hardly been a problem for a girl to find friends, hence while some moments from the film manages to relate to you, the rest is completely fictional. The father remains annoying. He refuses to accept that his daughter may be a moody person because she is a teenager and not because she is tall. A few moments in the movie remain predictable. Just when Jodi’s best friend mocked her for her high expectations of hoping for a tall, fair stranger to walk into the class and sweep her off her feet someday, a handsome teenager from Sweden, named Stig walks in. Remember how everyone stares at the hot guy/girl in a Karan Johar movie? I will say the entrance was similar. ‘Tall Girl’ is not just a story of the girls who are tall, but the story of those teenagers who chose to be different and where thereby ostracised for it. It could be the motivational tale for anybody, the fat girl, the extra thin girl, the girl with a different hairline. This is the movie that was needed a very long time back when the girl world had racist discriminations about being the definition of pretty.  

Ratings: 3/5

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