Tamil Actor's Comment on Netflix's Dark

Jeya Suriya -

Tamil Actor's Comment on Netflix's Dark

People who are in quarantine have been binging various contents in OTTs. Even a recent report claimed that there is a 98% increase in OTT Usage since the world propelled lockdown.  

A fact which any report or article did not claim is that besides conventional shows and movies online, many underrated and regional shows became viral online. One such show is the German Sci-fi thriller, Dark which is on Netflix. The show is based on time travel as the base plot and it has got 2 seasons so far. The first Season has 10 Episodes and the latest season has got 8. Season 3 which the Director of the show claimed to be the Finale is docking on the Californian Streaming Behemoth's Portal on 27th of June.

Having said all that, hands down Dark is one of the series with the most complicated screenplay which will require maximum attention from the viewer. The show has got a multi-structured screenplay where any sprit watching it wouldn't understand in the first hit. So, denoting that a Popular Video meme was trending online for the past couple of days. The video meme was based on a comedy scene from Padmabushan Vivek's Old Tamil film. The meme went viral as both the dialogues and the complex screenplay of the show synced well. 

Vivek got to see this on the micro-blogging portal and he tweeted, "Haha, How are they inventing these kinds of memes?". The tweet went on to become the talk-piece of the evening amongst the Tamil fans of the German Thriller.


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