TandooriIdly Review – Gives an impression of Telefilm rather than a web series but offerslittle smiles

TandooriIdly  Review – Gives an impression of Telefilm rather than a web series but offerslittle smiles
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Format: Series
Platform: Mx Player
Movie Rated: All Ages (U)
Genre: Drama, Comedy  

What’s the story all about? 
This Rom-Com centres on the incidents that happen at an IT office in Chennai, when a beautiful North Indian girl joins the team.. What begins as an ego clash between Selvam (Ajay Prasath) and Simran (Avantika Mishra) soon blossoms into a friendship. 

Although ‘Tandoori Idly’ comprises of a small-scale star-cast, the actors have exercised a comely spell. Ajay Prasath looks befittingly perfect for the role that he has essayed. His looks enhance the substantiality of his characterization, which easily stands out to be a reflection of an ordinary Tamil speaking guy we can find in our neighbourhood. Avantika Mishra is a delight to watch as she comes up with a simple but dandy job. Vikkals Vikram, Vinod Kumar, Whatsapp Mani, and others have no much scope to perform, but deliver a groovy work, especially when it comes to evoking humour with their witty one-liners… 

With the running length of the entire season not exceeding one and half hour (each episode sticking to 15 minutes), Tandoori Idly gives an impression of watching a Tele-film. Of course, we have come across a few web series with shorter durations like ‘Little Things’ (Netflix), but there’s a lot of drama involved, which is missing here. With the entire series set against the backdrop of 1-2 locations (Office and Tea Stall) and the play just revolving around the Tamil guys attempting to impress a Hindi girl, we don’t have anything special than this. If the episodes involving Ajay and Avantika were crafted with engaging drama, then it would have added some values. 

Music and other departments 
Having already mentioned that the web series is confined to not more than a couple of backdrops, there isn’t much scope for cinematography and editing. 


The humorous dialogues along with spontaneous performances by actors work out in a few places. Special mention to writers for elegantly dramatizing the bonding between Ajay and Avantika, which looks neatly conceptualized and well-executed. 


Too short in duration, which eclipses the emotional prominence between the lead characters. In addition, the office colleagues attempting to impress the girl relentlessly in all episodes start triggering boredom after a certain extent. 


Did I enjoy it? 
Interesting in a few places. 


Do I recommend it and why? 
Just pick ‘Tandoori Idly’ if your watch list is temporarily empty for the moment. 


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