Team Kaylie review: Beyond the insipidness, something new to explore

Team Kaylie review: Beyond the insipidness, something new to explore
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When Kaylie Konrad, a wealthy, 19-year-old, luxury-loving, selfie-obsessed celebrity gets community service court order to lead a wilderness club at a middle school, that becomes a ‘challenge’ for her. (Because usually, court orders for community service are way harsher. Some are even ordered to clean public toilets…but Kaylie…oh). Kaylie, who has always enjoyed living in the lap of luxury, was then forced to step outside of her comfort zone to prove that she is more than just a narcissistic, pretty face. She has to deal with everything that doesn’t have a dual-camera to tell her she has a pretty face, imagine the horror for Kaylie!. The 20 episodes new live-action comedy on Netflix was a journey back to those good old days of watching TV on Nickelodeon. Production-wise, it followed the same pattern. Story-wise, it has nothing new to offer. Girls come together, initially, they face trouble getting along with each other, they are all looking out for some help, then they finally understand the ‘united we stand, divided we rule’ policy. So let us look at the cast. The group has everyone. The tough girl. The nerd. The clown. The one who knows everything about pop-culture. The untrained witch. Alison Fernandez as the impulsive Amber is not at all impressed by Kaylie. Jackie is the student who is so brainy that she is destined to go to Ivy League. And what’s the point of being a straight-A student without your spectacles, right? Elie Samouhi is the class clown Ray Ray believes he is the fabulous pop-culture vulture. (Obviously, he worships Kaylie). Valeria is the young witch who makes many mistakes with her spell. Although this show has nothing new to offer in terms of content, it has something different to explore. The presence of an adult in the world of 8-year-olds. What remains the element of surprise is that this came from a writer who won the Emmy for producing the modern-day Jane Austen web-series Emma Approved. Maybe every artist has a brilliant side and a slightly mundane side. While some explore only one part of their heart and mind, others wish to experience it all. I sat down with the expectation of Team Kaylie being somewhat on par with Emma Approved. Maybe that’s what surprised me. Rating: 2/5 (Watch the series on Netflix here)

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