Teddy Review

A terribly written thriller that suffers from boring stretches and a predictable pattern!

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Teddy Review
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Teddy is the latest addition to Disney+Hotstar’s ever-expanding library. The film landed onto the platform on the 12th of March.

What is the story about?

Teddy starts off by introducing us to Sree (Sayyeshaa), a girl who is kidnapped by the mafia on the basis of drug intoxication, and then magically moves her soul into a teddy bear. The bear then runs into Siva (Arya), an introvert who is skilled in many ways, who in turn helps the teddy find the reasons and the people behind Sree’s weird disappearance.


Teddy has an unusual plot, even though it has striking similarities to the Hollywood film Ted. The film has a good start and gets the plot straight up and open, but unfortunately, things don’t move on too well from there. Shakti Soundar Rajan’s plotting is packed with unexciting ideas that don’t manage to gather the momentum, nor help us get emotionally attached with the characters. The film plods along on a decent note in the first half, but the almost empty second half has nothing to cheer for as it follows a huge predictable path that is filled with amateurishly executed sequences throughout.



Arya looks really good in one of his best makeovers to date and does a fine job in the lead role. The Teddy is indeed the talking point of the film and brings together many fun moments that the younger ones in the family would enjoy, but the team could have picked a better person to voice out the character. Sayyeshaa and Magizh Thirumeni play cameos in the film, but yes, it's really surprising to have the villain’s character have a screen time of just 5 minutes in total!


Music & Other Departments

Imman’s songs do make an impact and are one of the best things about the film, but there is nothing motivating for him to do something special with the background score. The visuals and the edits are just about par.


The decent first half of the film and the presence of Teddy might entertain the kids.


The film’s lethargic second half is a big minus.

Did I enjoy it?

Definitely not.

Do I recommend it?

Teddy is a film that is definitely looked at as a missed opportunity, as it is completely devoid of logic and an interesting storyline. Watch it without any expectations at all.

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