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Netflix Terrace House Review: A Reality Show Less Known but, Considerable Enough For Immediate Binge Watch Netflix has been known to deliver some of the finest contents, onsite. With the last delivery coming from Netflix in the form of the reality show Terrace Show, the belief even goes stronger. Even though, Terrace House remains to be a little less heard of name, yet the plot and belongignes of this Japanese show can definitely bring you to the viewer’s fan club. Growing on as one of the most favourite show amongst all those who have taken a look at it, this reality show can be remarked as an “Emotional Adventure” that will surely make the viewers take a thought over the reality television. However, this Japanese franchise delivery has remained a little misunderstood by the American audiences considering its emotional crucible correlation with the famous show, ‘Desperate Housewives’, however, that’s not the fact. The plot of Terrace House goes around six young and extremely gorgeous strangers, who share the same magnificent house in Japan. With the house, flooded with hidden cameras at every nook and corner, the show captures almost everything happening around. Right from sleep walks to the couch talks, pool cleaning to meals preparation, everything is seen from the eyes of these hidden cameras. The show initially made its success story for eight seasons on the Fuji Television in Japan prior to getting the break on Netflix. Taking notice, Netflix teamed up with its makers in 2015 for creating more episodes on this account. Two more iterations of the show have already been produced as the most recent one is going on in Hawaii and the upcoming one titled Tokyo 2019-20. Netflix has already aired the two parts from the show, with part-three of Aloha State arriving June 13 in the U.S., its predecessor, Boys x Girls in the City, which goes on in Tokyo and aired simultaneously and the one belonging from Fuji. The Hawaiian version of Terrace House is simply coming up as an antidote to the viewers who are tired of watching those scripted reality shows. With the Tokyo 2019-20 ready to go on floors, fans have followed the league. As usual, this recent version of the show has also gained a high time popularity as compared to the previous deliveries. Well! The show can definitely be addressed with a few adjectives like slow, real, natural, low-staked, mundane, boring, sweet and even soothing but, it has to be believed that this simply depicts that the Japanese culture is much better than the American culture. Results for the same are pretty evident with the show. The series brings in an answer to the relentless high-octane drama that mainly remains to be the part of American reality shows. Terrace House even though moves at a snail’s pace, but containing such an attractive plot, you will not be able to keep away from thinking about the next episode that may happen. This is why the people have kept on falling in love with this Japanese show and with the next delivery making an exquisite show, fans have grown even high. The narration is wonderful bringing in pure genius. The cast of the show includes — three girls and three boys, it’s simply wildly fascinating to watch the show. Starring Reina Triendl and Yoshimi Tokui, the most remarkable things about the series is that it doesn’t have a script and all that happens around depends on the six roommates having access to their car, house and even their freedom of living their lives outside the boundaries of Terrace House. Part 1 of the show has released however, anticipations are high if the second part will be going on floors by end of this year or not. The set of first 10 episodes have aired and released in United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada on September 10 2019.  The series is supposed to get weekly episodes with the two cast members being replaced by new faces. Each episode on an average holds a bite-size of 30 minutes, introducing and revolving around six Japanese celebrities, who live like a family. Even though, this version of Terrace House got its release in Japan, the show has finally got its portion of release in the Western Countries, 3 months after its initial release.

Rating: 3.5/5

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