Thaen (2021) Review

An engaging, effective and moving drama about our system and its loopholes

Siddarth Srinivas -

Thaen (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Velu (Tharun) is a naive and kind-hearted beekeeper who makes a living by making honey based medicines up in the hills. Velu runs into Poongodi (Abarnathi), a young and energetic girl. The two fall in love and get married against the famous village ritual which tells them that they will face a lot of hardships if they do unite. And rightly so, the couple face a lot of struggles in their path, after Poongodi contracts a rare disease which is not easily treatable.


Ganesh Vinayakan, who made his debut with Vikram Prabhu’s Veera Sivaji, has taken flight into an entirely different quarter with this film, which is an emotional tearjerker from ball one. After putting down the bullet points one by one on how the people in the highlands live their life, the film moves into a zone where the protagonists are showered with problems that they find it incredibly hard to escape from. While it is indeed possible to relate with the characters and the trouble, it gets a little too gloomy after a point. However, one must laud Ganesh for his efforts to highlight the loopholes in the governmental and medical system, which makes a common man go through a lot of opportunistic people and long procedures to gain basic medical support. 


Tharun Kumar who plays the lead may not have delivered a great performance, but he does enough to make us connect with the character. Abarnathi does a really good job, especially in the beginning portions of the film which are lighthearted and sweet. Arul Doss has a sharp and effective role in the film, while the rest of the cast are packed with new names who do justice to their roles, mostly. 

Music & Other Departments

Sanath Bhardwaj’s good music is one of the big plus points of the film, while Mynaa Sukumar once again proves his mettle with the skilful cinematography.


The theme of the film is affecting, and kudos to the director for holding it throughout. 


The film’s overdrawn emotions are a little too heavy to carry.

Did I enjoy it?

Definitely an impactful film which will linger in my head for a while. 

Do I recommend it?

Yes, if you can handle the drama, Thaen is worth a watch. 

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