Thanda (2021) Review

This Bangladeshi comic caper will make you chuckle

Rony Patra -

Thanda (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Four bachelors--pharmaceutical salesman Sobuj, launderer Siddique, casting director Ziku and garment supplier Mohon--live on the first floor of an apartment complex, and struggle to keep themselves cool during a particularly hot summer in Dhaka. Alisha Ali, the daughter of a rich industrialist, is kidnapped by a gang, who keep her as a hostage on the second floor of the building. On the third floor, a woman struggles to mantain an affair with a married man. When the four bachelors decide to buy a second-hand air-conditioner, all hell breaks loose in the building.


No one can think straight when you are feeling hot. The four bachelors at the heart of Kajal Arefin Ome's comedy are no exception. As Dhaka struggles with a heat wave, Ziku, Siddique, Mohon and Sobuj struggle with keeping their cool intact. Each one tries coping with the heat in their own way. Siddique wears his customers' shirts when he starts sweating a lot, Mohon constantly tries various tricks which backfire on him, Ziku utilizes every possible minute on the shooting floor standing in front of fans and blowers, while Sobuj takes things to an extreme by bathing every three hours. But Ome's hilarious screenplay is also about how the heat tends to bring out the frustrations in everyone. The film carries echoes of two hilarious Hindi films with divergent humour: Malamaal Weekly and Delhi Belly. The performances are also top-notch. Even though the film topples over slightly in its climax, it will leave a grin on your face.


The performances are a riot. Ziaul Hoque Polash is hilarious as Ziku, and it is fun to watch how he interacts with his director on the shooting floor. Mishu Sabbir brings the house down as Mohon, especially in that sequence where he randomly abuses possible customers on Facebook Live. Chashi Alam and Marzuk Russell are funny as Siddique and Sobuj. Sanjana Sarkar Riya and Shimul Sharma are great as Alisha Ali and Shimul, one of the kidnappers. Nishat Priom and Saraf Ahmed Zibon are okay as kickering paramours.


Music & Other Departments

Mashuq Haque's background score is heavy with electric guitars and drums. Raju Raj's cinematography is all right.


The hilarious storyline and the dialogues make this film work.


Considering the hilarious storyline, Ome fails to land the ending perfectly. There's a politician/goon who lands out of nowhere, and his role in the storyline is not clear. This robs the final sequence of much of its punch.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. It's a script designed to make you cackle.

Do I recommend it?


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